The Perfect, Aesthetically Pleasing Safety Barrier

The perfect safety barrier is one that is sturdy, made of a durable material and offers an aesthetically pleasing look. Glass balustrades manufacturers in Cape Town offer you just that. You might be asking yourself ‘what is a glass balustrade?’. It’s a type of glass panel that can be connected to other glass panels to form a barrier. (Information source:

Glass balustrades are most commonly used as a safety barrier on balconies, patios, around pools, on staircases and even on outdoor decks! The best thing about using glass balustrades is that, unlike traditional balustrades that were made from metal and wood, you now have the option to see through the balustrade as it is made of glass. Therefore, you get the added benefit of safety, without a barrier being caused between you and the opposite view.

Glass balustrades are easy to clean. Simply purchase a bottle of window cleaner, spray the balustrade with said window cleaner and wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth. Using a microfiber cloth to clean your glass balustrades will result in lint not being left behind on the glass. Another benefit is that no matter where they are installed, they offer an aesthetically pleasing look and style that can easily blend with the interior and exterior style of your home. Glass balustrades also give your home a more modern, elegant décor style.

Having glass balustrades installed around the edge of your pool is highly beneficial to parents with young kids. You’ll never have to worry about your little one falling into the pool with a glass balustrade, as it will act as a barrier. Also, when you are watching your little ones swim you can sit behind the glass balustrade, which almost acts as a splash proof zone.

Glass balustrades have yet another advantage when it comes to their aesthetic appeal. These barriers can be set up with a round joint that hold the panels together along the panel, allowing you to have an unobstructed view. You can also opt to have the glass balustrades secured at the bottom of one another with a metal clip that will keep the balustrades securely in place. Glass balustrades can also be used on staircases with open sides to prevent anyone from falling off the staircase. This looks aesthetically pleasing when down on a double staircase.

Whenever you get glass balustrades installed at your home or office, you should ensure that the company doing the installation is SANS approved, as they set the guidelines for safety preventative measures.

To find the best glass balustrades manufacturers in Cape Town, you should ask yourself what you would like to use the glass balustrade for, whether you want any finishes applied to the glass balustrade and what you would like the glass balustrade to be secured with. Once you’ve asked yourself those questions and have the answers, you can start searching for local glass balustrade manufacturers near you. Go through their specifications of their glass balustrades and see whether it applies to what you want in the glass balustrade.

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