What Are Some Key Features Required in An Attendance Management Softwares?

A useful time and attendance management software can be extremely helpful when it comes to tracking the employee hours.    

Must-have Features of an Attendance Management System

Whether you have a cloud-based attendance management system or have on-premise software, there are four features that are required to form the foundation for tracking the employee time and attendance.

Clocking in and out

This is one of the essential features of an attendance management system. Every employee needs to be able to clock in, punch in the breaks and then clock out once their working hours are finished.

This can be done either with the help of a magnetic card reader or fingerprint sensors. Card readers tend to be the better choice since they reduce the chances of someone else putting in the work hours for others.

Leave management

Managing the leaves of the employee is another important part of an organisation. If someone missed a day, it shouldn’t directly result in being marked as absent. Instead, the employee should get notification regarding this, so they can resolve the issue.

Payroll integration

It becomes easy to calculate the compensations of employees based on the time they worked for if the payroll is integrated in the attendance management software. A useful ATS supports flexible payments and hourly compensations as well.


It’s a key responsibility of the HR manager to create and maintain the records of the employee attendance on a regular basis. These reports include the hours, overtime and leave taken by the employee, and this report needs to be available in an exportable format.

Some Extra Feature that Can Be Helpful

The above features were must-haves for essential attendance management software. Now let’s have a look at some feature for the ATS that can help increase the productivity of the employees, and can also save a lot of time.

Biometric attendance

Having biometric for attendance is one of the best features for managing attendance in an organisation. This is especially helpful when your organisation has a large workforce that includes specific punch in and out timings.

For example, if an organisation has a 9-hour shift for over a hundred employees, using biometric technology helps reduce the chances of someone else spoofing the attendance of other employees. This is because the biometric system identifies the person with the help of their fingerprint.

Missed clock-in alerts

There are times when an employee forgets to clock in, while coming in the morning or during breaks. Or they forgot to clock out once they are done with their day. Automated alerts can help employees get alerts when something like this happens.

Calendar integration

Another benefit of an attendance management system is its integration with digital calendars. Digital calendars like google calendar or outlook etc. This also allows the team to know whether their teammates are available on a certain day or not.

This feature is especially essential when the team is working from remote locations.

Features That Set Your Attendance Management System Apart

In addition to the above features, there are some other ones as well, which can help streamline the tasks for the HR.

Mobile and cloud support

If attendance management software is cloud-based, then it can be accessed from any device where you have internet access. Also, being able to access the software on a mobile device can help the workers who are located in remote locations. They don’t even need to install any software or apps in order to access such a system.


Having self-service is can change the level of functionality. Employees won’t need to stand in line to log in before getting inside the office. They can just login from their browsers or apps and log in. Leave requests or any corrections can be handled without the need of HR intervening.


Having a digital attendance management software can help your organisations manage the workforce better. The feature that are built in these softwares are an integral part of employees workflow.

Not just that, having a digital system can also help you prevent mistakes that can happen if you had followed the manual methods. And what’s best, the month-end becomes hassle-free. These smart attendance management systems can be a boon for both your employees and your company.

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