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What Are The Best Street Foods To Taste In Switzerland?

Switzerland is one of the charming and interesting countries to visit. Especially for the people who love foods can enjoy their holiday with different types of street foods that will be good in taste.  With plenty of roadside food stalls and kiosks lined with the street foods, Switzerland will tempt the food lovers with so many local flavours that keep people coming again and again. If you are planning to visit then utilize this Switzerland holiday packages from Dubai at best prices and enjoy the foods listed below without missing.

Few Tasty Street Foods Of Switzerland Are:


Fondue is everyone’s favourite street food dish in Switzerland. Actually meaning “melted”; within French, that is also prepared widely in Italy and France. That is a bowl of melted cheese, garlic and wine, that will be served with an open flame, that people will serve their bread along with forks and have it. That is supposed to staple meals of Switzerland local people, that molten cheese serves to hold them warm at the month of colder that is winter. Serving fondue with a hot steaming bowl and tea makes a nutritious winter meal. 


Rosti- a Swiss-style meat brown is one of the famous street foods in Switzerland, since ages. It is prepared with a fried potato that will be stuffed with cheese, onion, and apple. Well, this food was founded as breakfast, especially for the farmers near Bern and that considered as a food, widely available across all the countries. It is topped by a fried egg, salty bacon, and melted raclette with cheese that served for some healthy replacement foods like fries, tangy gherkins as well as pickled drop onions. 

Roasted Flour Soup:

Most people like to drink the soup type foods in the season of winter that keeps you warm. People who visit in winter will not end their trip without having this tasty soup. This roasted Soup is prepared with flour, butter, grated Gruyere, and beef stalk. Well, the primary speciality of these soup remains that it will be served brown as well as roasted along with burnt smell which looks different. This unusual brown soup seen nowhere more in the universe has not only a tempting taste, but also it has an interesting story for it. 


It is a Swiss name that is determined as a curry sausage, which is the latest street food which is found in Zurich. This food item will be like juicy, which is prepared with Bratwurst and meaty servlet, it is provided at the city where you have several stalls with different types of these sausages for all varieties of foodie. You can eat your favourite while travelling to the city.


It is the most popular dish compared to all other the local’s foods, and some tourists will be coming especially for this dish to eat and enjoy their trip. Pretzel can be found everywhere over the city and Zurich. It is so loved to sell in Zurich that most people leave sandwich bread to it! Are you ready to eat this dish which is soft and smooth to taste? 

These are some of the foods to taste if you are planning to visit the country Switzerland. Not only these you can find many other delicious dishes to eat. You have Dubai to Switzerland holiday package to utilize at the best price. This trip will make your mouth more delicious and you can taste things which are never ever done in any other places. So, without missing make sure to taste this street food if you visit Switzerland for next time especially the foods which are listed above.

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