Requirement of hair transplantation

What are the key differences between Hair Transplant and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Hairfall has become an intense issue among males and females. There are numerable great hair restoration methods available in the market today, but the patient suffering from this problem refused to select the right treatment with a lot of options. The hair restoration technique is quite common but is too much expensive, painful and time-consuming process. People can concern with professional doctors before their treatment as they provide genuine information about Hair Transplant therapies.

To know more about hair restoration techniques, read the following differences:

Hair Transplant

It is considered as a permanent and natural solution as the hair follicles are surgically removed from the back of the head and place to the desired part of the scalp. Moreover, the hair transplant procedure is painful as it is a surgical treatment and the recovery time would be one to two weeks. The hair grafting process would take 12 or more hours as each hair follicles are placed on to the scalp of the patient. One major disadvantage of this type of hair transplant is that it is unfamiliar with female pattern hair loss. It has been concluded by the professional doctors that the patients having female pattern hair loss could not make their hair transplant as the thin hair may not have the appropriate density. Depending upon the method used, the hair transplants may take 10 days to a month to be “undetectable”.

Platelet Rich Plasma

The second technique introduced to stop hair fall is PRP i.e. Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a minimally invasive non-surgical technique for hair restoration. The main task of this technique is to give thickness & strength to your hair and reactivate the follicles. It is a less painful process as compared with the hair transplant. A recent study exposed that almost 70-85% of patients receive extraordinary benefits from PRP therapy. PRP treatment ends up within 45 minutes. The working procedure of platelet-rich plasma therapy is simple, blood is taken out from the veins and sent it to the centrifuge machine for spinning. The high plasma follicles are injected into the targeted area of the scalp. The plasma having higher densities can be considered as High rich plasma. PRP solution is not a permanent solution as the patients have to maintain PRP with three to four booster treatments after 6 months and 12 months. Typically, PRP treatment works correctly on the scalp where there is some hair left.

PRP therapy effectively stimulates new hair growth.

Brief Conclusion

PRP treatment is best suited for female pattern hair loss. It is used to increase the thickness of the hair and redevelop hair follicles. Or If you have less hair on your scalp then you may prefer hair transplant. The cost of both therapies depends upon the procedure. No doubt, the results of both treatments are good but doctors can give you valuable advice regarding the best or suitable method by examining your reports.

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