Total Cost of Lung Transplant

What Is The Need For Diagnosis Before Performing The Lung Transplant Procedure?


Lung Transplant is a highly complicated procedure. It is a treatment recommended for an end-stage pulmonary failure when no other treatment is fit for the patient. However, in spite of the necessity of the lung transplant procedure, it is not practically possible for all the patients to undergo the treatment.

The doctors in India first initiate with the diagnosis to check if the condition can improve with the lung transplantation process. The Total Cost of Lung Transplant is very high. Even if you undergo the transplant process in India that offers the minimum cost of the surgery, you will have to spend a minimum of USD 55,000 to 65,000.

Well, if after spending such a high cost, the patient cannot survive; the treatment is useless. So, it is first essential to check for the chances of success of the procedure on a patient before performing the surgery.

Now, the question is, what are the conditions that restrict the success of the Lung Transplant in a patient?

Continue to have a good read to know more about the eligibility and restrictions of a Lung Transplant Procedure.

Eligibility of A Candidate For a Lung Transplant Procedure:

Irrespective of the previous reports and the tests conducted on a patient, the doctors at the transplant centre perform the diagnosis on an individual. It is highly essential to avoid the risks to the life of a patient.

Performing the transplant on a patient who is not fit for undergoing surgery would not help the patient by any means, but may improve the risks to their life.

Some of the common conditions that restrict the Lung Transplant Procedure on a patient include:

  • The medical history or existing cancer in the patient
  • A patient suffering from obesity, and the higher risks for the surgery due to more elevated cholesterol
  • The presence of infection in any part of the body that might prove to be fatal if the patient has receives the transplant procedure
  • Existence of the failure of the other significant organs in the body that includes kidney, liver, heart or more
  • The patient with a medical history of the organ transplant ( May or may not be suitable)
  • Someone who is not ready to make the changes in their lifestyles like the drinking and the smoking habits
  • Last, and the most important one is the diagnosis of diabetes in the patient; for Type-I diabetes, any kind of surgery can be a risk to life.

In a Nutshell:

If there is no such medical history in a patient, then the patient can be eligible for the treatment. Moreover, if you are willing to undergo surgery and also fit as per the eligibility criteria, you must not avoid due to the financial issues.

Lung Transplant Cost in India is highly affordable. Irrespective of the country of your existence, you can plan your treatment in India. Along with the low cost of treatment, the success rate of treatment is very high.

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