What To Look For In A Field Service Dispatch Software?

Every field service business out there has to dispatch. For example, a subcontractor or a technician being sent to a job site to finish a repair for a customer. All this seems pretty easy on paper but it’s really not. It’s estimated that more than 52 percent of field service companies are still using manual ways to do more of their work. This includes, dispatching technicians and scheduling work. Dispatching can be a very difficult area to get right when it comes to field servicing. A field service dispatch software is looked upon as the best possible way to manage a business.

So what is it and who should be using it?

Finding the right field service software and deciding upon it is very important when it comes to scheduling and dispatch. For field service management, a dispatch software is basically a tool that gives the dispatchers a way to handle or manage the technicians on field. This includes routing them to job sites and selecting jobs for them according to their capability. It also get them to reassign them and track their movements. Dispatchers without any form of field service software use email systems, whiteboards and online calenders to get the technicians to work. However, this is extremely labour intensive and an emergency call can come in anytime and you might have to reschedule whatever work you had lined up. If you’re into manual calculations, the entire work might just come to a halt if you have to do a bunch of manual calculations before you can reassign everyone. This halts a majority of the processes and wastes time.

When you have a dispatch software, you can get a full look at everything your workforce is doing from your computers. Every scheduled worker, every technician can now be tracked. This visibility is essential for the dispatchers because this gives them more information to work with when they have to make decisions and assign roles. This way it’s easier to narrow down which technicians can do the job with the given skillset and who is the nearest with the help of a routing tool. It’s of utmost importance to dispatchers to be able to do their jobs in the most efficient way possible because that way the entire workflow moves smoothly.

Why are dispatch softwares a necessity now?

One of the main reasons people use dispatch softwares is simply because it’s easy to use. Cluttered desk space with orders waiting to be completed is no more the order of the day. You don’t have to worry anymore about shelves full of files, a host of emails to be sent and calenders open on every pc window. Everything is easily managed from one software and information is distributed amongst the technicians in the field.

A best service dispatch software is great if you don’t want any technicians sitting idle. To explain this better, you get a chance to allow the dispatchers to optimize their schedules. This way dispatchers are able to freely move orders and make room for more orders by optimising the route so that he can make multiple deliveries.

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