How to be sure about surrendering in blackjack?

“Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.” 
This quote from Jack London precisely explains how life and gambling are somehow the same. Sometimes you need to surrender in life, and so is the case with gambling!

Surrendering in blackjack

Surrendering is allowed at both online and physical casinos all over the world. While it is good to take a chance and win big by keeping your total bet, you must sometimes consider surrendering to save yourself from a significant loss. Most people do not understand the benefits and basic strategy of surrendering in a game of blackjack and often end up losing.

What do you mean by surrender in blackjack?

If you fold before the house draws cards, that’s called surrender. And when you surrender, you give up your hand following the first deal if you have low chances of winning. However, not all blackjack games allow surrender (both online and offline.) Only shoe blackjack permits this. However, single and double deck blackjack games never allow surrender.

If a player chooses to surrender in blackjack, then half of the original wager is returned, and those cards are removed. The action of that particular hand is over. Anyone who wishes to surrender in a live game has to run a finger behind the bet. However, some casinos also prefer that the player gives verbal cues rather than hand gestures. Online blackjack games have a surrender button on their table. One thing you need to check for while playing anywhere is whether the surrender option is available or not.

The best part about surrendering is that you can keep half of your original bet, which is far better than playing the hopeless hand and losing the whole bet. Instead of losing uselessly, you can save your chips for when the cards are on your side.

When to surrender in blackjack?

For surrender, you need to formulate a strategy that entirely depends on what the dealer does. Depending on whether the dealer stands or hits on soft 17, you can decide your strategy. However, there are barely four instances where it is advisable to surrender when the dealer stands on a soft 17. But luckily, when the dealer hits a soft 17, you get seven chances to quit.

On all 17s, hard or soft, you should surrender 16 against a 9,10 or an ace when the dealer stands at it. You can surrender a 15 against a 10 of the dealers. Here, a pair of 8s is an exception where it is better to split it against the dealer door card than to surrender.

The surrenders in the stand on 17 games also apply to the hit 17 games. You can also surrender 15 and 17 against an ace. A pair of 8’s is still split against every hand except for when the dealer has an ace. In that case, it is advisable to surrender.

The reason behind surrendering in blackjack

When it comes to blackjack, the most important thing is to beat the dealer. Hitting 21 is perfect, and it does give you the best chance of winning, but the trick is to achieve a better hand than the dealer. Hence, the main concern should be: what the dealer is showing, and the rules regarding staying or hitting soft 17.

A surrender can play a crucial role in your blackjack game strategy. If in all probability, your hand can’t beat the dealer’s, it would be better to surrender the hand and move to the next one than to waste your chips on playing each side.

Wrapping it up

Sure, it is frustrating not to play a hand to the end, but the game is about making the most out of your session. Taking risks and getting huge rewards from a single hand is secondary. It’s better to reduce the house edge on each hand by following a winning blackjack strategy. Your chances of winning get better at times by getting out when you are ahead during your play.

And in the end, you don’t need to worry as most blackjack tables move faster. Just for the reason that you surrender this hand doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on all the action. The next hand gets dealt within a minute or two depending on the number of players playing at the table.

Now that you know when to surrender in a game of blackjack, why not try it at an online casino just to be sure of your strategy?

But again, be sure to check reviews at online casino gaming review sites to gain more information.

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