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Gotelecare: Surefire Reasons to Choose us as Your Medical Billing Franchise

86% of the mistakes made in the healthcare industry are administrative, with almost 55-65% of revenue is lost in leakage. Hospitals are losing around $821K to $971K per physician per year on an average. Providers are eagerly looking for actionable solutions from their RCM partners that can help them eliminate proven gaps in their billing process.

GoTelecare Sets The Standards in The Medical Billing Business

Extending unique 2 in 1 business opportunity combining telemedicine and medical billing under one roof, Gotelecare can offer niche support, unlike any other competitors. As a complete medical billing franchise, we provide unparalleled support in presales and marketing for our channel partners, helping them earn consistent passive residual income.

We have a unique presence in the market as we work with both payers and providers and guarantee profit margins, which will be 20% of the top-line, equal to a 50:50 possibility in revenue sharing. Our team of experts understands the immediate mandates across the medical billing industry.

Our references, credentials are top class, and when it comes to any errors of omission & commission, there is a liability cover of $1/3 million from Hiscox/ Geico. It is true that currently, some of our licensees are earning over $40,000 a month with the action plan we have as a next-gen medical billing franchise.

There will be no recurring costs, no overhead expenses, and working with us will entitle you to make your presence felt in the competitive landscape. A considerable number of industry leaders, healthcare professionals, are looking to work with us as no one currently offers a viable revenue-sharing opportunity as we do.

Gotelecare will be supporting you at every step and offering you all the possibilities of earning ROI. We deliver the needed support to our licensees as well as franchisees, helping them with our dedicated support in account management, presales, and marketing at no additional expenses.

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