Netgear Orbi AC3000 Router: Better WiFi Everywhere

Netgear Orbi AC3000 WiFi system comes with an Orbi WiFi router and satellite that delivers unparalleled WiFi range and coverage. This smart device covers homes up to 5,000 square feet with strong and secure WiFi signals. Not only this but also the innovative tri-band WiFi technology helps increasing the existing internet range coming out of your main router up to 30 percent.

So, are you interested in exceeding the existing internet range throughout your house? Do you want to enjoy a better and uninterrupted WiFi range and speed everywhere? If yes, then this post is for you. Here we gonna discuss a beneficial topic on how you can boost the existing WiFi range with Netgear AC3000 Orbi. Let’s get started!

Firstly, we are gonna discuss the LED behavior on Netgear Orbi AC3000 WiFi system.

Orbi WiFi System LEDs

Power LED

The Power LED is on your device located above the Power (On/Off) button on the rear panel.

Note: If you have a wall plug satellite, then it doesn’t consist of a Power LED.

Solid Green: The power LED is stable.

Solid Amber: Router or satellite is booting.

Blinking Amber: The router or satellite has been reset back to factory default settings.

Blinking Red: The firmware file is corrupted.

Off: Power to your device is not supplied yet.

Router Ring LED

The router ring LED is located on the top of your device.

Pulsing White: Netgear router is booting or the Sync button was pushed.

Solid White: Your device is resetting back to the default settings.

Solid Magenta: Router cannot connect to the internet.

Off: Netgear router finished booting and working fine.

Satellite Ring LED

Note: This satellite is included when you buy an Orbi router.

Pulsing White: The satellite is booting.

Blue for 3 minutes: The connection between the satellite and router is good.

Amber for 3 minutes: Connection between the satellite and router is fair.

Magenta: The satellite failed to sync with the router.

Off: Satellite synced with the router successfully and working normally

Connect Your Orbi Router

To cable your router:

  • Unplug your main modem’s power. If your device uses a battery backup, remove its battery.
  • Plug in back your modem and turn it on.
  • If your modem uses a battery backup, put the battery back in.
  • Connect your main modem to the internet port of your router using an Ethernet cable.
  • Once done, connect the power adapter to your router and then plug the power adapter into a working socket.

Place Your Satellite

If the satellite came with your Orbi WiFi System, the satellite attempts to synchronize with your router. And if you bought an add-on satellite, you must sync the satellite manually.

Note: Your satellites must be placed within range of your existing router’s WiFi signal.

Sync The Orbi Satellite

The process of synchronization for your satellite depends upon whether your satellite came with your Orbi WiFi System, or if it is an add-on satellite.

Sync a Satellite from Orbi WiFi System

The Orbi WiFi System consistss of an Orbi router and one or two satellites. Well, the satellite in the WiFi system is preset to automatically find and sync to the WiFi signal from your Orbi router in the same WiFi system.

To sync your satellite:

  1. Place the satellite.
  2. Connect your satellite to a working power source.
  3. The satellite ring LED pulses white. The satellite will automatically find the Orbi router’s
  4. WiFi signal and attempts to sync with it.
  5. If the satellite ring LED lights magenta, move the satellite closer to your router. And if the same color appears, push the Sync button on the back panel of your router.
  6. Within a few minutes, push the Sync button on the back panel of the satellite. The satellite attempts to sync to the Netgear Orbi router.
  7. The satellite ring LED will light blue, amber, or magenta and then turns off automatically.
  8. If your Orbi WiFi System came with an additional satellite, repeat the 1–5 steps.

Login to Router

  1. Launch a web browser from a computer, laptop or mobile device.
  2. Enter orbilogin.com in the address bar.
  3. Netgear Orbi login window opens.
  4. Enter your device’s admin name and password.
  5. The BASIC Home page will display.
  6. Select Add Orbi Satellite option.
  7. Place Your Satellite page appears.
  8. Follow the instructions on-screen about where to place your satellite.
  9. Connect the satellite to a working power source.
  10. Click on the Next button.
  11. Wait for a few minutes for the satellite’s ring LED to become solid white.
  12. Push the Sync button on the satellite.
  13. Click the SYNC button in the Netgear router web interface. Your device attempts to synchronize with the satellite.

The satellite’s ring LED lights amber, blue or magenta for about 2-3 minutes and then turns off.

If you are facing issues with your Netgear Orbi AC3000 WiFi system, get in touch with our highly-experienced and qualified experts any time.

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