Tips to choose the right baby formula

A baby is a life-changer. The cute little bundle of joy fills our life with hopes, celebrations, and happiness. The little monster demands to be pampered and loved. The best way to pamper babies is to provide them all the nutrients to grow healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Breastfeeding by far supplies a multitude of health benefits to babies, but not everyone can (or wants) to do. This is very baby formula steps in, fortunately, to provide all the nutrients to the baby. is one such premium website providing organic formulas for babies. There is a wide range of methods available today, and choosing a perfect formula for a baby is very hard.

Needless to say, whether parent opts for breastfeeding or baby formula, every parent wants only the best for their kids. However, with so many choices available, it is quite evident that we will find it challenging to choose the right baby formula for our babies. But don’t worry. Here is a quick guide to help you understand the basics of baby formula.

Baby formula- 3 forms to choose from:

The first thing to understand is that baby formula is available in three different ways. Commercially prepared formulas are always registered under the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to provide all the nutrients essential to babies.

  1. Liquid concentrate: pricer as compared to the powder-based formula. They are generally diluted with an equal part of the water.
  2.   Powdered form: They are the least expensive baby formula. They are usually mixed with water from one scoop to two ounces.
  3. Ready-to-use formula: Often, the most convenient option in baby formula. They are ready to use and can directly be poured into the baby’s bottle.

What’s in it?

The three forms of the formula are prepared based on different ingredients. The formula contains nutrients, and many other vitamins that are necessary for babies, as well as some calories.

Milk-based formula: the milk-based baby formula is made of cow’s milk, vegetable oils, minerals, and necessary vitamins. It is usually iron-fortified. Milk-based baby formula is generally appropriate for healthy babies. However, this formula is not suitable if the babies have any allergy with milk; otherwise, a baby has to deal with n number of health problems.

Soy-based formula: As the name says, the main ingredient of this formula is soy. It also contains vegetable oil, corn syrup, sometimes iron. This formula is the best for babies with lactose intolerance, meaning who can’t take milk formula. One more thing, the soy-based formula is not recommended for low-birth-weight or preterm babies.

Other formulas: babies that are allergic to milk can take hydrolyzed formula, which is comparatively easy to digest. Most importantly, it will also make it less likely to be allergic to hypersensitive babies.

Some other formulas other than hydrolyzed formulas have probiotics, the good bacteria that live in the gut. To keep the intestine of babies healthier, probiotics give formula-fed babies the same bacteria that are found in breastfed babies.

Iron for baby:

Unless a doctor says no to iron, pick a baby product that is fortified with iron. Iron is essential for babies and especially for babies who are not breastfed. It will help prevent the baby from anemia.

Rember: It is advisable to consult a doctor before purchasing any organic baby formulas for the baby. They will advise the most suitable baby formula for the baby.

Some more tips:

Wash your hands: Never forget that babies are hypersensitive. Just like you wash your hands before eating anything, wash your hands before you start preparing baby formula.

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