What Is the Scope of Hotel Management?

Hotel Management is a very popular and revenue-generating industry in the west until the last few decades. But since a Decade this industry is seeing rapid growth which in turn creating 30% more job opportunities year by year.

Many people consider that hotel management is a field related to hotels itself, But it shows a direct impact on banks, call centers, hospitals, transport, food and beverages, stock market, etc.

At present Hotel Management is considered as the most recognized and glorious career option where a Degree in Hotel Management can equip a student with a professional qualification. But it is important that one must select a better Institute of Hotel Management.

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One can even opt for a hotel management course after clearing an entrance exam with 50% marks in their +2. Students can also opt for the Hotel Management course after Graduation.

After completing graduation course one can choose to work for any hotel or can go for pursuing Masters.

After seeking Graduation students were absorbed as Interns or trainees. After completing their basic training period one can get job placement with a pay package of around 10,000 per month. This may vary depending on the candidate’s skills and experience.

Unlike many other industries, the Hotel Management industry never demands better performance in graduation but looks into the skills, knowledge to deal with things and mainly industry prefers smart people. Fluency in English is must. 

Hotel Management itself denotes specialized management techniques implemented in Hotel, tourism, and hospitality Industry. One needs to have knowledge regarding Marketing, Housekeeping, Kitchen maintenance, food and beverage management, front office, financial management, etc.

At present, Hotel management is one of the fast-growing professions in India and is also analyzed to grow further in the future which in turn creates employment opportunities for the students who are having the ambition of becoming a Hotel Manager.

Following are the areas where any qualified hotel management professional can be placed after pursuing any graduation, diploma or master graduation course:

  • Hotel and Tourism Organisations: Hotel industry is a parallel industry that operates closely with the Tourism industry which in turn offers job to hotel management students.
  • Guest Houses: we usually see that most of the guesthouses are located near sophisticated areas and rich tourist spots which are managed by hotel management professionals.
  • Restaurants and Hotels:  The range of operations for Hospitality expands to resorts, junctions, cafeteria, hotels, etc where hotel management professionals can play a major role.
  • Airline and cabin Management: Starting from food and kitchen administration to cabin help, hotel management students are preferred to deal with in the Airline industry.
  • Catering institutions and organizations: Taking care of administration and serving the needs of the catering department are considered as the major roles a hotel management professional can do with excellent skill.
  • Cruise ship hotel management: Maintaining kitchen and administration and serving huge crowds is not a simple task which a hotel management professional only can do.
  • Hotel management and catering institutions: These institutes serve many events throughout the year ranging from corporate team meetings to celebrity weddings which require to be managed by professional hotel management experts.
  • Club Management: The majority of the responsibilities of hotel management professionals in clubs include taking care of members and customers.
  • Institutional management: The catering department in many organizations like hotels, banks, corporate institutions, shipping companies provides great placement opportunities for hotel management professionals.

India is considered as a unique hub for tourism which highlights the requirement for skilled human power in the Hospitality Industry. As more and more tourists were looking towards India as their favorite travel destination the Industry is ready to hire Hotel management professionals to cater to the industry needs. It is also mentioned that the demand for professionals in this industry is very high.

To conclude, we can easily mention that the opportunities are tremendous for students in India who desire to pursue a hotel management program.

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