11 Exciting things to do in Varkala

Get a slice of paradise in Kerala’s favorite beach destination that encapsulates the perfect natural setting for rejuvenating and refreshing vacations. The coastal town of Varkala is a popular hotspot for tourists, who wish to immerse themselves in scenic views of the Arabian backwaters, high limestone cliffs, and lush greenery.

Located along the Indian seaboard of the Arabian Sea, Varkala is a gem of a place that offers an array of historical, architectural, cultural, and natural marvels that will tantalize your body, mind, and soul. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization, and enter the serene ambiance of Varkala to purge all your stress and boredom. Varkala offers the best Panchakarma treatment in India to optimize the individuals for a better and healthy lifestyle. Discover the scenic diversity of this exquisite location and find yourself in a state of eternal bliss.

Following are the top 11 things that you must to do when visiting Varkala:

1.Unwind at the pristine Varkala Beach
Varkala Beach is a must-visit for travelers, if they wish to immerse in the serene ambiance of this natural spring and magnificent sights of the Varkala formation. The natives of Varkala believe that the holy waters of the beach have medicinal properties that can cure bodily ailments and wash off all the sins. This popular attraction of the town is bestowed with stunning limestone cliffs at one side and azure waters of the Arabian Sea on another side that makes this place one of a kind. Unlike other commercial beaches, Varkala beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand that offers solitude amidst the scenic backdrop of the Arabian Sea and the unique cliffs.

2.Visit the Lighhouse
The Anjengo Lighthouse is an important historical site that was made by the Britishers around 100 years ago. The marvelous architecture of this lighthouse is not just aesthetically pleasing to eyes, but also signifies the entry of British settlement in India. The lighthouse is open from 0800 hours to 1700 hours and is an ideal place for picnics with friends or family. If you’re into photography, you must visit the top of this lighthouse and capture beautiful seascapes of the Arabian Sea, along with picturesque views of the cliff and palm trees.

3.Spend an evening at Kappil Lake
Fringed by tall palm trees, Kappil Lake or the Bekal Beach is a stunning place in Varkala to witness mesmeric sunset and sunrise. The cleanliness, fewer crowds, and the peaceful ambiance are the biggest draws of this beach and are perfect for evening strolls with your loved ones. Varkala Beach is also an ideal spot to unwind and relax while your kids build beautiful sandcastles on the clean shores of the beach.

4.Explore the spectacular Varkala Cliff
This unique geographical feature of Kerala balances perilously on the edge of a 15-m red limestone cliff and attracts tourists from all parts of the world. Surrounded by lush nature and impressive views of the Arabian Sea, this place is perfect to soak in the charm and serenity of Mother Nature.

5.Acquaint with state’s culture and history at Varkala Culture Center
Varkala Culture Center is a prime spot to explore the heritage and traditional culture of Kerala. Witness cultural evening shows, Kathakali dance performances, and other art forms, along with Martial prowess of Kalaripayattu masters in beautifully designed buildings to discover the cultural magnificence of this state. This gorgeous place showcases the modern as well as traditional culture of Varkala in a beautiful format that keeps the visitors hooked.

6.Take part in adventurous Water sports
With scenic beaches and seaside destinations, it’s pretty obvious that Varkala is also a hub for recreational and water activities. Banana boat rides, surfing, parasailing, and jet skiing are popular water sports that you can try for an adrenaline-inducing experience. The limestone cliffs are another striking feature of this location that makes the experience even more thrilling and adventurous.

7.Explore wildlife at Ponnumthuruthu Island
With pristine and turquoise waters of Akathumuri Lake, Ponnumthuruthu Island is an exhilarating destination for wildlife, exotic water birds, and migratory birds. This exotic place emits tranquil and serene vibes, and is perfect for rejuvenating getaways. There is also a 1000-year old temple of Shiva and Parvarti and attracts religious devotees from all parts of the world.

8.Practice rejuvenating yoga and experience Ayurveda at its best
Owing to the rich Vedic history of this state, there are various Yoga schools and Ayurveda training centers in Kerala that offer rejuvenating yoga training and Ayurveda treatments to refresh the body, mind, and soul of individuals. Varkala is an epitome of serenity with scenic locations that are ideal for rejuvenating Ayurveda and yoga training. Get holistic training and treatment by expert practitioners and embark upon an exquisite soul searching experience.

9.Visit Varkala aquarium
Located between the Odayam and Black beach is a spectacular aquarium, where you can witness exotic species of fishes. With huge watch tanks of aquatic life, this place is an amazing spot for kids and animal lovers. Witness colorful scorpion fish, koi, karimeen, and angelfish swimming in their natural habitat and spend a magical day in this interesting destination.

10.Seek blessing from the almighty at Janardhana Swami Temple
Also known as the Varkala Temple, this 2000-year old abode of Lord Vishnu is located between Varkala and Thiruvananthapuram. This temple is a fine sample of Kerala’s architecture and traditional art, and showcases gorgeous domes made of copper sheets that cover the circular Sanctorum. The ‘mandapa’ has intricate carvings of ‘Navagrahas’ or the nine planets of the solar system, along with a special dining hall for holy food.

11.Boating through the Varkala tunnel
Built-in the year 1867, the Varkala tunnel used to be an important checkpoint for merchants traveling to Thiruvananthpuram. This amazing piece of architecture took almost 14 years to complete and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit this impressive place. You can also take a boat ride through the mesmeric tunnel and sail through the ancient route.

Make your trip to Varkala even more exciting with the above mentioned recommendations and create beautiful memories for a lifetime.

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