5 Instagram Marketing Tips For 2020

Marketing in the digital revolution has evolved a lot with the integration of marketing efforts with social media channels to reach, engage, and convert the consumers. 

Social platforms have become the breeding ground for marketing activities by global brands. One such social media platform that has been popular in recent times amongst the brands & marketers. 

Many leading brands & marketers are making huge investments in Instagram marketing as it is highly beneficial for growth. So here we present what Instagram marketing is and the best tips around it. 

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is the marketing efforts and activities that brands & marketers make using Instagram as a platform. Instagram is an immensely popular social media platform with over a billion active users monthly. 

Out of these billion users, around half a billion users log into the platform daily and Instagram has the highest engagement rate compared to other platforms. 

Not just this, Instagram as a platform has made quite a lot of advancements to make it relevant and useful for the marketers & brands to reach & engage with their audiences.

1/3rd of the stories that are viewed by the users are from businesses and over 2/3rd of the users discover new products & services on Instagram. Also, 1/5th of the total Instagram users visit a business profile daily. 

There are many more facts that prove Instagram is one of the most fruitful marketing platforms for brands. So, here we present the best Instagram marketing tips for 2020 to drive your brand growth. 

Best Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Creating & Running A Hashtag Campaign

The first and foremost tip is to leverage the hashtag campaigns where it is essential that as the brand you should create a brand or campaign hashtag and run your hashtag campaign on Instagram. 

Instagram hashtags are an excellent way to boost your brand visibility, discoverability, increase impressions, and build brand awareness as hashtags make it easy for users to find content around an area of interest or industry. 

Hashtags campaigns also let you encourage the users and followers to generate and contribute valuable & powerful user-generated content about your brand. The best part is that it is free of cost and doesn’t require any huge investment. 

2. Use Instagram Marketing Tool

You can use an Instagram marketing tool like a UGC platform to take your marketing efforts to the next level. The UGC platform can help you integrate your Instagram with your website through the Instagram feed. 

Using the UGC platform, you can collect & curate content from Instagram be it from your profile of any hashtag into a single feed and embed Instagram feed on your website to drive brand results. 

The feed will help in cross-channelizing traffic, increasing your Instagram following, engaging website visitors, build social proof, magnify your Instagram marketing reach & exposure, linking social to commerce, and even drive conversions. 

The tool also provides you features feed customizations, content moderation, real-time content updates, manage content rights, sponsor posts, announcements, custom branding, and much more. 

3. Humanized Content & Interactions

Content is the most powerful aspect of Instagram for marketing and Instagram as a marketing platform is quite different as it requires more realistic, relatable, and humanized content to drive user engagement. 

The branded and promotional content is not as beneficial as humanized content. Thus it is essential that you leverage content that works as value addition to users, delights them, informs them, entertains them, etc. When you will integrate such content with shoppable features, it might even increase your conversions & sales. 

And you should integrate this humanized content with user interactions as well where you can reply to user comments, respond to their messages, engage with their posts, reshare their posts on your stories, and much. This will help you build a positive and relevant brand image.

4. Stories For Promotion & Brand Building 

Instagram stories are an immensely popular element of the platform with a tremendous engagement rate. You can leverage these stories to promote your brand and even drive growth. 

You can use stories to run your short-time promotion or limited time offers. Also, you can use these stories to showcase the human side of your brands like behind-the-scene or work culture, etc. 

These tactics can help you in increasing your brand awareness and following along with more exposure to your brand to a greater audience as most people engage with stories daily &constantly.

5. Visual Marketing Tactics

As we all know that visual content is known to be more engaging and interesting for the users as compared to the textual content and this is also a major reason for Instagram success as it is a visual-heavy platform. 

Content that will look captivating and intriguing will automatically get more engagement. Thus, you should focus on creating images and videos that will help in grabbing user attention. 

The important part is that you should avoid using stock or unrealistic images and videos rather you should leverage real images. You can even use user-generated visual content in your Instagram marketing. 

The UGC will be more engaging and relevant as it is shared by real people from a diverse audience.


These were some of the best Instagram marketing tips that you can leverage for your Instagram marketing strategy 2020. It is not essential that you use all these tips, instead; you can use the best suitable ones for your brand. 

Instagram marketing when done perfectly can set up a strong base for other social media platforms as well. Also, leveraging tools for Instagram marketing will help you take it other marketing channels like a website. 

So, start creating your Instagram marketing strategy to uncover the possibilities of brand growth & success through Instagram.

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