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7 Reasons to Do Yoga Teacher Training In India

 Lead your path of yoga and travel to the birth land for authentic learning. India is your place to commence yoga training, know why. 

Today people are switching to ancient techniques to get healed or restore their health. Ayurveda and Yoga are age-old practices that heal the body and mind through different activities and treatments. 

Yoga is more popular than ever, and the future seems brighter with it. 

If you’re already walking onto its path and thinking of deepening the practice with yoga training, then we must suggest you to travel to its birth land. Yoga teacher training India is something you can’t miss to experience. Well, it not necessary but there are certain good reasons to prefer India as your destination to learn yoga. 

So here we’re listing down reasons to do yoga teacher training in India.

1. India is the place of birth 

Yoga was developed in the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh in India thousands of years ago. Rishikesh is called the yoga capital of the world and gained popularity after the Beatles band visited this place to experience the powerful practice of transcendental meditation. It is said, yoga even dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, and there are many statements given by historians which proves the existence of yoga during that period. Yoga boasts a rich and glorious history, and owing to its origin, the practice has been transformed and refined over time. 

2. Yogic Ambiance 

The mystical land of India boasts spirituality and tranquility forming a perfect ambiance for yogic practice. In India, you find many places with a yogic legacy that offer an opportunity for authentic learning, and the environment enhances the whole training process. It is rightly said that the surrounding and environment affects the lifestyle. As a result, many of us prefer a yogic land with historic relevance and nature embellishments that upheave the overall experience. Many schools offer you an ashram lifestyle with intense training that integrates the pure learning into your life from the core.   

3. Ayurveda 

Yoga is incomplete without the practice of Ayurveda. A sister science to yoga, Ayurveda was developed around 5000 years ago in the divine land of India and is known as one of the oldest healthcare systems. Today, it has reached global platforms, becoming the best alternative medication. 200-hour yoga teacher training India is incomplete without the learning of Ayurveda. During the yoga training, you study the basics of Ayurveda practice, its principles, lifestyle, and cooking methods. Ayurveda is an area deal that brings back the ideal state of balance and restores wellbeing. Ayurveda brings healing goodness of nature to you and is a perfect complement to your yogic learning. 

4. Touch the traditional roots

Yoga is a part of Indian culture which evolved here with the passage of time. It is an essential part of the culture and heritage of this country and offers traditionally rooted learning to its participants. Yoga Teacher Training in India is a wonderful way to unfold the mystical layer of this miraculous holistic art and touch its roots for greater benefits. Being the land of origin, India is abode to traditional yoga gurus and experienced masters. They bestow authentic learning of the ancient science of life and offer various benefits of its learning apart from standard yoga training schedule.  Learning yoga in India is highly valuable, as you find one aspect of your faith as well.

5. It is Affordable 

India is a relatively inexpensive country, which means yoga training here won’t cost you a fortune. Unlike yoga teacher training in the western countries, yoga TTC in India is way less expensive and everything including accommodation, food and learning manuals are included within the package. Yoga teacher training in India usually costs $1800 – $3000 and the price varies depending on the type of the course one enrolls for. 

6. An opportunity to explore

India is a diverse land with plenty of places to explore and witness the beauty of Mother Nature. India is a place with rich culture, vibrant traditions, and royal history making it a great place to witness uniqueness in lifestyle, food, apparel, language, etc. Get ready for cultural explosion as you travel down the alleys of this incredible country. Indian is considered one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which gives you the opportunity to several ancient monuments and heritage sites all over. 

7. Upheave Spirituality  

Yoga is often confused with religion but rather, it is a practice that ignites the spiritual sense. Meditation is an essential part of the yoga practice that brings awareness, evokes consciousness, and keeps your thoughts positive. Spirituality is one of the many reasons to do yoga teacher training in India. Compared to yoga training in the west which focuses mostly on the physical aspects, yoga training in India is mostly spiritual. During the program, you indulge in different types of meditation as well as pranayama or breathing practices which caters to your spiritual aspects. As a result, you develop a better connection with your true self and understand the true essence of yoga practice. 

The birthplace of yoga, India is a marvel in itself. Practicing this ancient art in the land of its origin is an experience unlike any and whenever you have the opportunity, you should dive right in. Happy yoga!!!

At Rishikul Yogshala, our purpose is to reach out the science of health and wellness across the globe with our certified yoga teacher training programs and specialized yoga, meditation and spirituality retreats. Our aim is to spread the wisdom of yoga through our Yoga Alliance accredited 200, 300 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses.

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