Dr. Dipak Nandi – Telemedicine Platform in The Coronavirus Pandemic is The Best Solution so Far

The COVID – 19 which is commonly known as Coronavirus have created considerable panic and concern for all the counties around the world. According to the World Health Organization, situation report as of last month, there have been over 109,500 confirmed cases from the novel Coronavirus across the world. Out of which 423 are in the US itself where 19 people have already claimed death from the novel strain of COVID – 19.

“Today in this outbreak of COVID -19, keeping your practices or office running is like inviting infected individual, which is why Telemedicine platform is the perfect solution helping healthcare provider, organizations with the support that they need, observe Dr. Dipak Nandi, a physicist, entrepreneur and a veteran in the healthcare domain.

Providing all the support, The Telemedicine platform is the bridge between patients; physicians and the healthcare system that is helping the patient with the medication and care they need within the comfort of their home. Helping in eliminating the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic to medical staff on the frontlines and also the mass, Telemedicine is also a cost and time-saving platform.

The doctor Dipak Nandi also observed, “Even though the Telemedicine platform was introduced for ages now, it is today that the Telemedicine platform is making a concrete contribution to the healthcare industry”.

Providing services in mainly three different ways which are through, voice calls, video call and electronic medium Telemedicine platforms also have the benefit of having real-time data through medical equipment like blood pressure monitors or glucometer after monitoring.

Eliminating the pressure faced in the emergence room and clients, Telemedicine in this public crisis of Coronavirus pandemic is continuously escalating in gaining appreciation in slowing the spread of the deadly virus. Playing a major part contributing to the healthcare domain the Telemedicine platform is sure to stay in the future.

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