How To Make Homemade Mask

Currently, the world is suffering from a Pandemic named COVID-19. This highly contagious disease is spreading all over the world like wildfire. The Coronavirus spreads via droplets that means when an infected person coughs or sneeze, the virus can spread on the surface and from there it can infect many other people. That’s why it is highly recommended to use a mask to cover the face and nose so that the virus cannot enter the body through the nostril or mouth.

However, just like many other essential things, there is a huge scarcity of face masks in the market. The supply is not able to meet the demand and as a result, many people are exposed to the disease quite frequently.

When many people are wondering to get the mask to protect themselves from this deadly disease, some others use their Cashmere Pashmina Scarf to cover their face and nose. However, you can make a mask at home or even use a few things as a substitute. So, in this time of Pandemic; don’t get scared if your local store does not have a mask as you can make your own at home.

Homemade Cloth Mask: If you have nothing, then it is a good option. The main thing is that you have to make it properly so that the virus cannot transmit through the fabric.

Remember, the mask should cover the mouth and nose area along with the lower part of the cheek and chin. You can make it for your personal use or for family or if you have a good amount of clothes at home, you can make them in bulk and distribute them to the health workers as well.

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So, check out here the ways to make clothes mask at home.

The first thing is the selection of the fabric. While selecting it, you need to keep in mind certain things like that it will reduce the virus transmission, comfortable to the skin, and easy to clean. It is recommended to use cotton fabric for best use.

To make the mask at home, you need the fabric, elastic, a non-woven interface (like a coffee filter, HEPA vacuum bag, and HVAC filters) and a metal piece.

Step 1: Draw a rectangle on 8*9 inches on the fabric and cut along the line.
Step 2: Repeat the step with another piece of cloth as well.
Step 3: Put both the layers one top of another.
Step 4: Now sew both the longer part together.
Step 5: Now make pleats and mark the spaces and secure it with the clips.
Step 6: Sew both the side along with the pleats.
Step 7: Now Cut the backside of the layer from the middle so that you can put and remove the insert easily.
Step 8: Finally attach the elastics to secure the mask from the ears.

The alternative of Mask: It is not possible to make the mask at home if you don’t have enough material or a sewing machine. In that case, you can use the scarf as your mask. If you have Cashmere Pashmina Scarf at home, then you can fold it thrice and then cover your face and nose with it. It can also serve the same purpose.

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