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Reasons To Invest In A Bell Tent

Bell tent have increasingly become popular, owing to the Instagram culture. Who doesn’t like an aesthetically pleasing look of a beautiful tent in any setting? Not only this, but the bell tent is also popular for its easy setup process, solid structure and capacity to accommodate several people. They were initially used in the older times by explorers, however, recently, adventure seekers, or families going for a weekend getaway have realized its importance and tapped it.

They have also become very popular at festivals of all kinds; music, food, dance; owing to their comfort factor, sturdiness as well as reliability for being used in settings of variable kinds. They are also a common choice for camping out in the wild. WhiteDuck Outdoors can be a good option to find one suited for all needs.


The major reasons the bell tent receives such a popular response for multifarious, variable activities is the number of favourable aspects they offer. The first and foremost being the ease of carrying them around, the fact that they can be assembled in no time and by a very simple process, moreover, they can be set up and packed up in the blink of an eye.

A lot of people also appreciate the idea of being able to walk around in their tent, as well as the availability of a solid structure in the middle of nowhere or at a popular music festival with a high degree of comfort. On top this, they come in a variety of looks and people admire their sleek and simple designs.

Making the Choice

In today’s age, other kinds of tents offer information regarding the number of people they can accommodate, but the good old-fashioned bell tent usually focuses on the size of the tent in units such as metres. However, sellers often state the number of people a tent can accommodate as well, which is always more convenient for the buyer to make a choice. Moreover, while selecting a tent one must take into account other factors such as the equipment they might keep in the tent, the luggage they have and the bedding or furniture one might want to keep in the bell tent. That said, the usable space in a bell tent may also vary between manufacturers.


Mostly, these tents are made up of a hundred per cent cotton canvas. Some of the benefits of this material are the high level of breathability, and long shelf life, if cared for properly. These tents are great for keeping cool in bad temperatures. However, the downside to this material is the lack of waterproofness which might be a deal-breaker for those who like to camp or would use the tent in a wild setting or areas susceptible to unpredictable weather conditions. However, this should not discourage one from investing in the diverse bell tent since it also comes in polycotton, polyester, oxford canvas and other cotton blend variants, making them the better choice for the previously mentioned settings.

Advantages of Investing in a bell tent

Other than the previously touched upon factors which make a bell tent a good investment, there are several others which may convince one to buy one for themselves as soon as possible! They can be easily put up or packed down by only a single person if they are about up to 5 metres. Adding to that, they come in a variety of designs, colours and hence are great for people whose choices are influenced by looks, available at White Duck Outdoors.

They provide ideal usable space as compared to other tents and are flexible in being positioned to suit different needs. Moreover, they are compatible with stoves and can accommodate several people. Lastly, a bell tent for my last several years with proper care.

After the above discussion, one must certainly be convinced of buying a bell tent if they go for outdoor activities or camping frequently, as it is an ideal option for comfort and convenience for them. A tip would be to buy a tent out of season; like other camping gear, if one chooses to buy the tent in unpopular seasons such as the winter, then one can strike a great deal for them.

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