Things to be aware of before you make a PCB board order online

A printed circuit board is an electronic component that connects electronically and supports mechanically the electronic and electrical components. Although printed circuit board is the term that is most commonly used, printed wiring cards and printed wiring boards are also used. The components on the PCB are usually soldered onto it by mechanically fastening and electronically connecting them.

Point to point constructions and wire traps are the alternatives of  PCBs that were frequently used once but are hardly used now. The manufacturing as well as the assembly of the PCB is well automated although the laying of the circuit is achieved through additional designing efforts.

Manufacturer of the PCB board online must understand that there are two steps involved in the making and assembling of the PCB. Simulation and Prototyping. The basic purpose of simulation is to verify whether the circuit design will meet its performance and functionality criterias or not. An electronic circuit simulation is an extremely important instrument as it eliminates the manufacturing of the boards that are unable to meet the requirement of the objectives.

In prototyping there are certain stages involved:

Purpose- The main purpose of prototyping lies in the physical embodiment of an operation, structural integrity or function. Structural integrity translated to the quality of the board and the reliability.

Process- The process of prototyping includes three stages. There are multiple iterations involved in the prototyping before the construction of the final PCB.

Results- An assembled PCB is manufactured for each type of prototyping. The requirement of the additional itineraries are determined by the testing result. The ultimate result of the PCB manufacturing is a design that can be used in high as well as low volume production.

Composition of PCB board order online

Theassembling of the PCB can be a complicated affair. There are a number of layers of several materials that are together laminated with adhesive and heat. As a result a single object is created. Let us take a look at the different layers.

●      FR4- Also known as the substrate is the fiberglass material. FR4 is the common designator. The PCB gains all the thickness and the rigidity through the solid core. The thickness of PCBs vary to a great extent.

●  Copper-The thin copper foil is the subsequent layer laminated on the board with the help of adhesive and heat. On two sided PCBs, copper is put on both the sides of the substrate or the FR4. The 2 layer or double sided boards are referred to the 2 layers of copper present in the lasagna. The thickness of the copper can vary to a great extent and is therefore determined by its weight.

●    Soldermask- The solder mask is the layer present on top of the copper foil. The PCB gets its green colour during the PCB manufacturing service due to this layer. The solder mask is laid over the copper layer to cover the traces of copper in case of accidental contact with solders as well as other metals.

●  Silkscreen- The silkscreen is a white layer that is applied over the solder mask layer. All the numbers, letters and the symbols that you see in the PCB are added by the silkscreen. This makes assembling easier. Although most of the time the silkscreen is rather white but still other ink colours can also be used.

With the introduction of silicone and the integrated circuits the cost as well as the size of the electronics components began decreasing. The prevalence of electronics as a consumer goods started increasing. The intense pressure of reducing the manufacturing cost and the size of the electronic products brought rather compulsions for the manufacturers to look for alternatives. This is how the idea and concept of PCB came to prominence. When you make a PCB board order online you should be aware about the basic requirements.

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