Top 5 Poker Players You Should Follow On Twitter

The world is witnessing a strict lockdown because of the emergence and spread of deadly virus globally, taking the lives of many. With the people getting bored at their home following the initiative of social distancing, they are finding new ways to stay connected in this hard time. 

The Internet is being the sole source for communication and entertainment, the android game development companies are developing a variety of games for gaming enthusiasts. 

You can also launch a gaming app and provide relief to the poker lovers by approaching a poker software provider.

What is poker?

Poker is a card game with many variations, each having its own sets of rules and regulations. Poker is a game popular amongst bettors enthusiasts and is practised in every casino. The game is played with the help of several sets of 5 cards each that make a “hand”.

There are many live examples like Daniel Negreanu and Doyle Boatman, who are living a luxurious life with the poker platform and making the game popular all over the world. 

5 Famous poker players

The card betting game has been tremendously trending after seeing the success of some famous players. Let us have a look at 5 of them:

1.Matt Salsberg: The 41-year-old Canadian player made the headlines when he won the tournament about which he wrote earlier. Writer for a major Hollywood studio in the day, Matt is a professional-cum-amateur poker player at night. With more than 12,000 followers on twitter and famous for his fun poking style, he is a must to follow.

2.Daniel Negreanu: Born on 26 July 1974 in Canada, the professional poker player is the winner of World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet and World Poker Tour title. The Global Poker Index has also recognized him as the best poker player of the decade in the year 2014. The poker player with more than 480,000 followers on twitter is a sponsored player for GG poker.

3.Doyle Boatman: Born in 1956 in London, the English poker player is also the oldest player of The Hendon Mob. He won over $546,080 in the No-Limit Hold’em. With impeccable poker playing skills, he is a true inspiration to follow on twitter.

4.Tom Dwan: With more than 164,165 followers on twitter and the reason being his huge winning streaks in the game of poker that has earned him more than $3,300,000. He is a superstar in the world of poker with a die-hard fan following.

5.Doyle Brunson: He is a retired professional poker player. Born on 10 August 1933 on the vast lands of America, he has amazed the poker industry with his performance for at least 50 years. He has won 2 times the World Series of Poker Main Event Championship and is also the author of several books written for poker enthusiasts. He was the first player to win $1 million from poker tournaments and has a strong base of more than 400,000 followers.


The poker gaming app provides a platform for the players to win huge sums of money in a fun way. This has developed the curiosity of many leading brands to invest in app development of their own.

With the help of a poker software provider, you can also launch your app and generate revenues. The online betting app can be the gateway for the success of your business.

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