Tips to Turn your Online Conference into a Virtual Event

How to Transform your Online Conference into a Live Virtual Event?

Considering the current coronavirus pandemic, you must be thinking, how can you take your online conference into a virtual event at times where a human-to-human connection is impossible? Events are supposed to a person-to-person or face-to-face thing.

However, considering the person-to-person transmission of coronavirus that is sweeping the globe has halted all corporate events and conferences in an instant. Before you decide to cancel your events, consider the following things because meetings bring people and new inspiration together!

Tips to Turn your Online Conference into a Virtual Event

So how can you plan your conference in such a way as to transform it from a boring meeting into a live virtual event with a clash of ideas and brilliant minds? Here are some of the tips to help you turn your regular online meeting session into a virtual event.

1. Optimize for Digital

Before the pandemic, did you ever think that you would be working from home or a virtual event could be your only option? Never! But now is the perfect time to do something new and create a hybrid event. Hence, optimize your conference for the digital!

You can set up a studio and create a TV show like broadcast for your viewers, or you can use video-conferencing from your offices or homes. There are so many options that you can use to your advantage and create an event that people won’t forget. If all these options are overwhelming, you then contact corporate event management companies in Dubai to help you create an event that matches your target audience and goals. Keep brainstorming!

2. Take your Session Online

Use a webinar option to set up a virtual conference where attendees can log onto and view live sessions in real-time. Include links in your event website where people can log in and register to become a part of live webinar and audience. Open registration for your live event in advance to the actual event date, so you can estimate the number of attendees to make sure it doesn’t get cramped.

You can also develop event apps that your attendees can download. Use push notifications when the event is about to start to make them feel like they are part of a bigger community, even if they are participating in their homes. Send emails or pop-ups to let them know that their participation is appreciated, and they can raise questions during the session too.

3. Record Your Speakers and Sessions

Record your speaker’s live webinars and capture their presentations. You can include the video on your website or event app so your attendees can access it whenever they want. It is a great way to create an engaging conference. Following are some of the means for you to share conference content:

  • MP3 Audio: The audio file is often paired with PDF of the presentation. But make sure the audio is synchronized with the slides.
  • MP4 Audio: These include a live screen capture of every session in the event.
  • Custom Streaming Web Player: This is the most creative option as it incorporates a web player on your website so audiences can play video sessions from your website or event app. It requires expertise, so make sure to consult an event management expert to help you produce content that works well with your web player.

Video and audio content are a must to create an engaging event. So get professional help from event and exhibition company in Dubai ( to deliver high-quality content to your viewers to increase engagement. Your viewers will happily pay for access to your quality webinar, or podcasts.

4. Use Audio Response System (ARS) to Engage Viewers

Person-to-person conferences are all about discussions and interaction. With written apps like note-taking or highlighting the slides, make sure to integrate the audience response feature in your event.

The Audio Response System (ARS) can be used for questions and in-session commentary. It allows the speaker to take their viewer’s suggestions through polling and to incorporate the results and queries in the live session. Similarly, attendees can also ask questions from the speakers during the discussion.

5. Encourage Networking through Virtual Participation

Networking is the most important thing at a conference. Use push notifications with questions, discussion topics, small competitions, etc. For example, as your event is taking place from a remote location that your attendees cannot visit, so ask them to send their pictures from home. Give them a platform where they can relieve their stress and engage.

Another exciting way to engage your audience is through an online scavenger hunt. To up the game of your virtual conference, strategically incorporate QR Codes on your sponsor/ exhibitor profiles on your event website and the sessions. Give your attendees an online map so they can search through your website and sessions to ask questions and gain points. You can also introduce a live leader board to make it more competitive.

It’s Time to Take Things Virtual!

The coronavirus pandemic has left businesses handicapped with important meetings and conferences postponed. But the question is, how long are you willing to put that meeting on hold? Now you don’t have to stop doing your work because of this hindrance.

Now is the time to stand out from your competitors and use online digital platforms to hold your meetings, conferences, and get the job done!

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