Ultimate Guide of Using Bread Toaster

It isn’t that a bread toaster is the only way to prepare crispy toast, but it is certainly one of the best ways to do it. Before progressing to the usage of  pop-up toaster, most families would have done the same on a griddle or maybe even an OTG. Whenever you decide to make a change and add a new cooking appliance to your kitchen, there are several factors that should contribute to the decision. The same also applies to the move to buy a bread toaster .

The purpose of every change is progress -progressing towards a more convenient, safer and time-saving mode of cooking. This is how the kitchens have progressed towards appliances like mixer grinders, water purifiers and electric kettles as well. These and more appliances make life easy. What is it that a pop-up toaster has to offer and how can you optimize its usage? This will be the focus of this post.

Using the Different Functions

The bread toaster is equipped with a dial and some buttons. The purpose and operation of each is explained in detail below.

  • Temperature Dial

The temperature dial has 4 settings, which allow you to set the desired crispiness of the toast. Setting the dial at the minimum would just warm the bread and the higher settings lead to increased brownness and crispiness of the toast. A point to remember here is that once a temperature is set, the subsequent toasts are exposed to the already existing temperatures and hence turn out crispier and browner than the previous ones. Hence, you might need to adjust the setting after a couple of rounds of toasting is done.

  • Defrost Button

When the bread is stored in the freezer and is to be toasted after bringing it to room temperature without spoiling its texture, you can do so by pressing the Defrost button. This will help you toast the bread just as if it was already at room temperature at giving you the perfectly toasted bread as desired by you.

  • Reheat Button

If you have already toasted the bread and it has cooled down before you could eat it, you can pop it back into the bread toaster with the reheat button pressed. Make sure that you remember to press the reheat button or you might end up burning the toast.

  • Cancel Button

If you feel that the setting chosen by you is toasting the bread more than you expected, you can always press the cancel button and the heating will stop and the bread will pop out. You can then enjoy your toast.

The Crumb Tray

As you toast your bread, the toasted crumbs fall and get collected at the bottom. Most toasters are equipped with a removable tray that collects the crumbs. This helps in cleaning the bread toaster with ease. If the crumbs remain at the bottom, they keep getting toasted and after a while, they will start burning and give a foul smell to your toast. Clean the crumb tray regularly for wonderful smelling toast.

The toaster has multiple features – all for your convenience and it is up to you now to make the optimal use of each and enjoy toasted bread with toppings of your choice.

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