mind mapping

What is mind mapping?

More than a graphical way to represent your ideas, mind mapping is a way of life. Used for centuries (even by the Greeks, who used to draw their mind maps into sand), it has really helped mankind. Therefore we can say that it really is a need and the software is a must-have for any businessman, but not only.

You can create beautiful mind maps to impress. Moreover, you can create them in order to solve any problem you may encounter. Let’s say that you want to give up smoking (which, honestly, isn’t good for anyone). Then you can make a mind map of your problem. Start by defining which one is it. Go further. Do some research about it. Then create a branch about how to accept it. As accepting your problem is the best solution to any problem, you have to do this step. Find the causes and you also find the cure.

How to mind map?

Firstly, you must create a mind map (or many more). With Mindomo, you have this option to log in then you have to choose a blank template (or not, if you want to copy and change any existing template). If you want to change any existing template, you can do it without modifying anything on the main website.

After creating your template, you should name it. Give it a meaningful name, which represents your ideas. In the case that you have a website, you can link towards it. Yes, Mindomo allows you to do that.

Afterwards, you should create branches with multiple subcategories. Don’t worry about anything, there are tutorials that will help you understand this situation better. You just need to try this amazing tool, called Mindomo. It will really help you. You can find Mindomo on this website.

We would like to talk about a mind map example we all adore.

As weddings are a big part of our lives, we cannot just skip them. As we said, the mind mapping tools are so useful that they can even help you plan your big day. An useful example of Mind Maps would be the one where you plan who your guests are. You can create a special branch just for them and write their names. If needed, add some mentions besides their names, so you know whether they can make it to the wedding or not. Besides that, you should make a list of the meals that you’ll be serving at the restaurant. An even more awesome (or important) idea would be to write besides every guest what they would like to eat.

In conclusion, mind mapping is an extremely useful tool that can help you plan anything, from teaching courses to business. Or even weddings. All you’ve got to do is to give them a try and see whether this field is for you or not. But we think we all know the answer.

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