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What Is The Ideal Skincare Routine At High Altitudes?

Our usual skincare regime will not work the same as the skincare regime for being on a flight, ski slope, or other areas at high altitude. This is because the rays and heat of the sun are direct and the air lacks oxygen. The skincare will be vigilant and different because there is no protection from the sun and harmful air at high altitudes.

Read on to find out what should be your ideal skincare for long flights.

Skincare for long flights:

1. Cleanse- The lipids and fatty acids prevent our skin from getting dehydrated as it provides natural moisturizer. The first step is to use a cleanser. When you are washing your face, use a cleanser and not a scrub. Always cleanse your face with hot water. Scrubs aren’t recommended as the more you exfoliate, the more your skin loses its innate water and hydration level.

2. Moisturize- While your skin is still damp, apply some moisturizer. This is so that the moisture is locked in the skin along the water. At high altitudes, you need more moisturizing than regular office days. If you are going in the summer then a light layer will suffice but in winters, a thick layer is a must. It will get soaked into your skin in minutes.

3. Humidifier- The humidifier is an extra step in your skincare for long flights. It will relieve you of itchy skin, cracked and chapped lips as well as dry eyes. It will also help you with common cold and sinus infections.

4. Sunscreen- A sunscreen is your lifesaver when you want to venture out. Use a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 and above. It will protect you from the harmful UV rays and prevent sunburnt skin as well.

Other useful tips are to wear a hat to protect your scalp from getting dry and dirty. If you use a cloth as a sunblock for your body and neck then use cloths from which you cannot see the sun. Follow this skincare for long flights and your skin will remain healthy after your flight and vacation.

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