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Ethical Hackers must be seen with a positive Perception

Cybersecurity has become a matter of utmost importance for companies and one of the most demanded professional profiles in the digital society. Knowing computer vulnerabilities and preventing them from harming users and companies is the job of computer security experts. Do you want to be a hacker? Here is a resource guide to practice and learn hacking.

There is recognition of a hacker which is defined as a person who illegally accesses third-party computer systems to appropriate them or obtain secret information. Well this is kind of a misunderstanding and only ethical hackers with CEH Certification in Middle East know that. Wrong definition like this provokes angry complaints from professionals who are dedicated to the world of cyber security.

Don’t get confused between a hacker and a cracker                 

Much closer to that illegal version of the hacker is “cracker”. Precisely everything that is wrongly blamed on hackers; that is, those people who access computer systems without authorization and for profit, protest or simple challenge. Talking about cyber attacks is, therefore, referring to crackers and talking about cybersecurity is doing it about hackers. Hackers follows the rules of Ethical Hacking, a set of ethical rules that guide hackers so that, once they have detected security flaws, they report them or promote measures for their solution without compromising or endangering important issues such as data protection on the network.

At this point, and with this need for cybersecurity experts, the question is obvious: how to learn hacking? For all those interested in learning computer security, the advice that most experts offer is to take advantage of all the possibilities, many of them free, that the Internet offers to start the path of the cybersecurity expert, who is still very self-taught. If you want to learn hacking from scratch, you have multiple ways at your disposal, but the most effective and common way is CEH course in Dubai. Training as an expert in cybersecurity is a task that depends on a lot of reading and practices.

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