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Here’s how you should choose wedding flowers

There is no denying that when it comes to weddings, choosing wedding flowers is as important as picking out the wedding dress, if not more! There are so many options to choose from that one can be well and truly spoilt for choice. Since a lot of arrangements have to be created for the big day, it can be pretty confusing and difficult to get the right flowers from flower sale for the wedding day! If you find yourself in a confused state of mind where you are having problems in putting together your flower arrangements then read on further to know about the different tips which will help you in picking the right wedding flowers from a flower sale. So, without much further ado, let’s get started!

Fix your budget

 All good things in life cost money and the same extends to wedding flowers. Before you do anything, you need to set a proper budget of what you’re willing and able to spend on flowers for your big day. It really depends on your preferences and your willingness to spend. If you aren’t able to think of a number, then you can do what most couples do and earmark around 3% of your overall wedding budget on wedding flowers and decorations. Having a properly fixed budget at the very outset will prevent you from overspending and thus prevent you from straining your finances which are earmarked for other things. You should also try to figure out shops which are having a flower sale, as shopping from them, might save you a lot of money.

Find your inspiration

 Before you officially bring a florist on board to for the wedding flowers and decorations, you need to find your inspiration for the big day. It can be anything you’ve seen on the internet or in real life in other weddings. Make sure you have pictures of the beautiful blooms which you want the florist to re-create for your wedding. This will help you when you have to explain your vision to the florists.

Do your homework

 You will need to put some efforts in becoming familiar with the names of different flowers that you want for your wedding. This will make meetings with your florist a lot more productive and convenient and you will be able to give them a better idea of what you really need.

Hire the right florist

Given how important flowers are for the ceremony and to the reception decor, you need to hire the right florist. That’s why it is strongly advised to browse through a couple of options and choose the option most suited to your requirements. Do this after you have dived deep into their work, read their reviews and gone through their portfolio. It is also advised to meet the florist in person at least once, before officially signing them on for the big day.

Don’t forget your color scheme

 If you don’t want decorations to look horribly out of place on your wedding day, then it is advised to always keep your color scheme in mind. If you don’t have a clue about what flowers to buy from the flower sale, that would look good with your decor, then fret not, because this is why the florist has been hired! A experienced and expert florist will be able to offer a lot of suggestions, if and when you bring swatches and photos to them!

Keep your theme in mind

 You can choose just about any flowers from a flower sale for your big day, but as long as you are working with a strong focus on your theme, the results will be very satisfactory. It is advised to pick flowers from a flower sale that go well with your settings and overall theme. Think wildflowers for a countryside wedding and rose bouquets for wedding at a hotel.

Don’t forget about the season

 The choice of your flowers that you get from the flower sale will also depend on the season, in which you are getting married. Some flowers might be overpriced and very difficult to find at certain times of the year. This is why figuring out shops which offer flower sale is so important. That’s why it is advised to work with an experienced florist who can suggest you the flowers that are in season during the time of the wedding.

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