Important Things to Know Before Visiting Lahore with Serene Air

Over the years, so much has been said about Lahore and its cultural roots. Known as the heart of Pakistan, Lahore is a magical city that will embrace you warmly. The charm of its atmosphere and the hospitality of its citizens entice thousands of tourists each year. It is a city that will never let you go out of its hands.

Lahore was originally a walled city. But now it has renovated itself by illustrating art fares, literary festivals, glitzy fashion shows, and the sparkling food stalls. The city also has a historical significance as it not only hosted the Mughal kings, but it also played a crucial role in the independence movement of Pakistan. If you ever plan to visit Lahore with Serene Air online booking, here are some important things to know about this overwhelming city.

1.    Lahore Is a City of Gardens

The love for greenery and gardens is inherent in the people of Lahore. After arriving at Lahore, you will notice that most of the places have dozens of trees and lush green parks. The gardens and parks here not only offer fun activities to middle-income households, but they also provide an easy escape from the commotion of the city. In addition, the city also has the gardens of the Mughal Era. The Shalimar Garden and the Bagh-e-Jinnah are the most famous ones that depict the glory of the Mughal lifestyle. Amazingly, the public parks of Lahore are packed in the weekends.

2.    There Is a Variety in Everything

Lahore is the capital of Punjab, the most populous province of Pakistan. As per an old Punjabi adage, a person has not lived if he hasn’t seen Lahore. The city is where the country’s Islamic identity was born. In addition, Lahore is also the city were the people can suddenly start dancing without any specific reason. It is bordered with India from the Eastern side, whereas it’s western vicinity connected by the Sheikhupura district.  The hearts of the people of Lahore are alive and they will never betray your expectations when it comes to entertainment and joy.

3.    The Food Culture is Amazing

Lahoris love to eat. From the tikka kebab and mutton karahi to the nihari and chanay, Lahoris do not spare anything. It is famously said that a traveler has not really tasted anything until he has gone to the food street of Lahore. Since the Mughals were also crazy for the delicious meals, they have left their mark on the food of this city. The traditional breakfast for the Lahoris is Halwa Poori. Similary, siri paye and the naan pakoras are also admired by the people of all communities. Hence, before coming to Lahore, keep in mind that you will be welcomed a plethora of scrumptious dishes.

4.    Follow the Canal

Missing the canal is certainly a difficult task. The canal is one of the most mesmerizing sights in Lahore, and it looks like brown sludge rather than a water conduit. The canal exudes several things: the history of city, the reflection of brotherhood, and the beauty of trees. The canal also offers a perfect way to beat the heat as people come here and dive into the water in summer. You will see dozens of boys taking off their clothes and jumping into the cool water. The city government occasionally places the marks to celebrate the important events such as the arrival of spring.

5.    Get on Metro Bus to See the Entire City

Apart from hopping into a rickshaw or hiring a car, there are various other ways to travel in Lahore. The best way to experience the entire city is to hurl yourself into a Metro Bus. This bus service is undoubtedly a blessing for the residents of Lahore. It starts from Shahahdra, and after traveling for 27 kilometers, it finally stops at the Gajumatta station. Along the way, it enables the passengers to explore the nitty-gritty of Lahore. In only 30 rupees, you can witness the large swathes of city without being stuck in the agitating traffic jams. People living in Karachi often prefer cheap Karachi to Lahore flights to furnish their traveling endeavors.

6.    The Ice Cream has Better Taste in winter

Lahore has very interesting ice cream game. The Chaman Ice Cream is a famous brand that has been offering the delicious ice creams for decades. They create the ice cream with original fruit flavors, and this quality attracts thousands of customers each day. In addition, you will also spot several hand-cranked machines that offer mango and vanilla cones. Liberty Market in a place which is famous for these original cones. However, for some inexplicable reason, it is believed that these cones taste better in winter.


The importance of visiting Lahore can never be overstated. The city will give you the reflection of modernity and traditionalism. At the end of your journey, you will have a feeling that you have visited something monumental.

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