IPL 2020 to be played in October or may get delayed

The fierceness of coronavirus has negatively affected every single game over the globe. The pandemic has put the world at a stop and more than 1 lakh deaths have been enrolled on the planet. In such a harsh circumstance, the brandishing situation has been latent as every single significant match and competition has either been canceled or delayed in the wake of the pandemic. 

The much-anticipated IPL 2020 has likewise arrived into boiling water because of the spread of the novel coronavirus. The thirteenth release of the Indian Premier League was set to begin from 29th March. Be that as it may, the competition was deferred to April fifteenth to handle the coronavirus flare-up. In any case, the circumstance keeps on staying harsh and thus, the chance of the competition to happen stays distressing.

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Indian Premier League is relied upon to defer further as the entire world including India has been hit with the chance of lockdown expansion because of the pandemic. Chief Ministers of different states have clarified that another lockdown expansion is on the cards and subsequently, the BCCI has been left with no choice however to drive the association further. 

IPL 2020 could be booked before T20 World Cup 

The Lockdown has extended in three states namely Punjab, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. It is suggested that IPL can’t occur for the present. Be that as it may, it will not be dropped. It will be deferred inconclusively,” a BCCI said as cited by India Today. 

 It’s impractical for BCCI to submit that IPL can occur at which specific space,” he included. 

Numerous reports have surfaced during the pandemic concerning the beginning of IPL 2020. Right now, the BCCI has been left with two alternatives to composing the eagerly awaited association. The principal choice is to plan the competition in September or October before the T20 World Cup 2020. The subsequent choice is to plan the competition instead of the T20 World Cup 2020 if ICC, Cricket Australia, and partners go to an understanding. 


It was a significant mishap for the BCCI in their journey to arrange the thirteenth version of the money rich group. As of late, a franchise official said that the cricket board has educated every single franchise that IPL 2020 is deferred right now. In any case, they are as yet scanning for an accessible window for the prominent competition after the things go to its standard state. 

According to BCCI IPL has been delayed until further notice yet they are confident of finding a window in the not so distant future as and when things standardize,” a veteran franchise official was cited as saying by India Today on states of secrecy. 

There are chances that T20 World Cup that is planned to be played in October may get delayed to the future. Also, on the off chance that that occurs, at that point, BCCI will get the chance to sort out IPL 2020 in the September and November window.

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