Steps to Follow When Writing a Book

Writing a book can be both challenging and rewarding. Different writers have different styles of writing. Therefore, if you choose to write a book, feel free to engage your creativity and embrace your own unique style of writing. If you are totally new to book writing, there are many tutorials online that will guide you on how to write a book. However, the following steps will also be useful as you embark on the journey of book writing.

  • Pick a genre

The first step you should take before you begin to write a book is to select the genre. You can either choose to write fiction, inspirational books, motivational books or any other genre that suits you. It is important that you pick a genre that you are passionate about and not necessarily what you think will sell.

  • Decide on the conclusion of the book

This may seem like a strange step to take at the initial stages of book writing. However, it is important that you decide early on how you plan to write the conclusion of the book. This will actually help you to build up on the other material in an orderly way. Many writers have confessed that writing the conclusion of a book is the most challenging part of book writing.

  • Make an outline

This is the third step on how to write a book. If you are writing a fictional story, come up with an outline off how the story should progress and what happens to each character. If it is an inspirational book, then you could also come up with the introduction as well as the main ideas that you would like to present in the book.

  • Write initial draft

 After coming up with the outline, you can go ahead and write the initial draft. At this point, you can use your creativity and pour out all sorts of ideas that will be useful in building up the body of the book.

  • Rewrite the first draft

This particular step will take a lot of patience and time. It will take longer for you to rewrite the first draft that you wrote. At this stage, you will need to do an analysis of what should actually be included in the final copy of the book.

  • Edit the final draft

Once you have rewritten the first draft, you can proceed to edit your final draft. It is usually advisable to get a professional editor to help you do the final editing. Once you are satisfied with the professional editing, you will have successfully finished writing your book.

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