Want to Stay Fit and Healthy During Lockdown? Follow These Tips!

A lot of countries are subjected under lockdown to reduce the expansion of COVID-19. However, with the lockdown, will it have an impact on our health and wellbeing? Self-isolation can mean far little chances to be physically active if you are used to walking or cycling for transportation and performing sports for your leisure time.

Although self-isolation measures are crucial, our bodies and minds still require exercise to function well, avoid gaining weight and maintain a high spirit throughout these challenging times. During this time, it’s normal to get stressed, this is why exercise and movement are both effective ways to calm the mind and mitigate stress. So, what are the things you can do to help stay fit and healthy during social distancing and self-isolating times? 

Do Several Stretches in the Morning 

Spending a few minutes, whether five minutes or twenty in the morning to stretch out and work your joints and muscles will benefit both the mind and body. You can do your own version of stretches or search for a good “follow along” videos on Youtube that are free to start a great day! 

Sitting, Standing and Movement 

Practice taking daily breaks from non-stop sitting in front of your computer, tablet, or smartphone every 20 to 30 minutes. For instance, you may take a few minutes break to do some walking around the house, have some fresh air on the balcony, the garden or yard, or have some playtime with your dog. 

It’s also important to have alternate periods of standing as you work or study with sitting by making your own stand-up desk area. 

Take Advantage of the Stairs 

Why not use your stairs at home? It’s an outstanding time-efficient way to keep yourself fit. Doing at least three 20-second fast stair claims a day can enhance fitness in only six weeks. Meanwhile, if you are residing in an apartment, avoid unsafe lift encounters with other self-isolating neighbours by using the staircase for any important outdoor journeys. But be extra careful not to make much contact with handrails. Also, internal stairs also provide more stair climbing and strength exercise opportunities. 

Dance! Dance! Dance! 

Feeling blue? Why not stream some live concerts online? Music has it’s own stress-releasing charms, so dance at home like nobody’s watching. Dancing has always been an effective way to protect the heart and maintain fitness as it can get to a moderate and strong intensity that can even copy high-intensity interval training. Dancing also has proven mental health benefits that can cope with coronavirus-imposed solitude. 

Whether it’s pop, rock, electronic beats, indie music that floats your boat, it’s not that hard to turn up the volume of your stereo a little higher and transform your lounge or kitchen into a small dance hall every now and then. 

Join Online Yoga Classes 

If you’re too stressed out, yoga is the answer! Yoga classes are out on Youtube for free, and there is plenty of amazing yoga online, either in the form of live classes or pre-recorded stuff. For extreme stress-buster, we highly suggest practices that place a lot of attention on the breath. 

Exercise at Home 

Most people exercise in a gym or go for a run in a local park, but we are not allowed to do that anymore for now. If you really need a great workout but the gym is closed, why not do some home exercises at home or turn your extra space into a home gym? You can place your existing exercise equipment you already own in your home gym. Exercise can make our immune system to become stronger, less prone to infections and our most critical consequences and better able to recover from them. 

How Much Physical Activity Do You Need? 

Research recommends that all adults should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week. Together with muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week. However, the most important thing to remember is that any activity is better than none, and the more activities you do, the more benefits you can have physically and mentally. 

Just Move Around and Do Something 

Self-isolation inflicted by the pandemic coronavirus will most likely escalate sedentary time and will seriously reduce the physical activity levels for plenty of people. Our suggestions are only a few but you are the one in-charge to create fun activities and keep yourself active during the lockdown. 

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