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5 Things You Must Not Forget While Launching An HVAC PPC Marketing Campaign

It is good to find that an HVAC marketer is about to launch a PPC marketing campaign and advertise his business across the targeted audience. But the question is – are you launching a powerful PPC campaign based on the trending marketing strategies?

These questions are hard to answer and are hard to avoid as well. But if you follow the guidelines and embrace the right techniques in your HVAC internet marketing process, it will help you give a short and straight answer to the question.

Here in this article, we will talk about certain facts that you must not forget when you are launching a PPC marketing campaign for your HVAC business.

5 Things you must not forget while running a PPC ad for your HVAC business

  1. Don’t forget to choose multiple platforms for advertising: Most businesses focus on choosing one powerful platform to run the PPC ads. They mainly prefer Google Ads to launch their PPC marketing campaign. But is this effective enough for a business?

    Running PPC Ads is a marketing technique that can drive more traffic and build conversions by advertising products or services across the targeted audience. Therefore, there is no harm if you choose multiple platforms for advertising. Rather this will open multiple doors for you to drive more visitors to your website.

    Along with Google Ads, advertise your services on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. These social media networks are much more active than Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

  2. Don’t forget to launch a remarketing campaign: Wait, what is the remarketing campaign? Any clue?

    Remarketing is a marketing technique where you advertise your services or products to the people who have already interacted with your brand. Remarketing campaigns are 70% more powerful than the marketing campaigns that target the new audience.

    Here you already have the list of audiences. You just need to excite them and turn them into potential customers. Google Analytics can help you to launch this campaign on Google AdWords. As here you can create your campaign audience by filtering out the date, time, device, and so on.

    However, you can even choose other advertising networks to launch a remarketing campaign.

  3. Don’t forget to include ad extensions: You have created an ad and what about the ad extension? Ad extensions help you to upgrade and optimize your ad and make it effective for the campaign.

    Some effective Ad extensions that Google AdWords prefer are –

    Message extensions – With this extension, mobile users can leave a text message for you via SMS or Email. These automated messages work better with the people on the go.

    Call extensions – This extension allows viewers to make a call to your business and solve their queries. For HVAC business, this extension works exceptionally well in the time of emergency.

    Price extensions– This particular extension educates the viewers about the service charges or any other additional information. These extensions can be updated when needed.

  4. Don’t forget to use responsive search and display ads: With PPC marketing networks like Google AdWords you do not just leverage to use responsive display ads but even responsive search ads. Such an approach makes your advertisement much more powerful than before.

    The better are the advertising features, the better will be the ad performance. You even get the advantage to do some kind of experiments with ad copies and images, offering you the flexibility to submit multiple headlines with multiple images.

    Test your ad and use it for the campaign.

  5. Don’t forget to have A/B testing: When you are done with everything, it is time to embrace A/B testing to make your campaign successful. Since Google AdWords supports ad testing, A/B testing becomes much easier with this.

    A/B testing for PPC examines the ads and find solutions to the ads that are not in a working condition. Since PPC ads usually contain multiple banner ads of different sizes, assessing the ads make it easier to make the choice.

    The assessment is done for the headlines, graphics, images, call to action, keywords, and product description. By performing this A/B testing, you can test a variety of factors like bids, audience target, location target, etc.


There is no wrong in investing in HVAC internet marketing. But if you are doing so, you must include white label services to run your business digitally with ease.

To run a successful PPC campaign, choose a marketing agency who is specialized in performing these tasks easily. Experts know how to select the keywords, include the CTAs, create powerful ad copies, and choose an advertising platform to run the ad.

Hire them to monitor, optimize, and improve your PPC campaign.

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