A Way to Safeguard Police, Military, and Industrial Applications from Explosion Shrapnel

Bomb Blankets

In today’s age of international wars and indiscriminate terrorism, bomb blankets are a matter of concern not only for the military teams, police and industrial applications, but they have come up as an extra layer of protection for civilians and public facilities as well. Also known as ballistic blankets and blast blankets, these blankets feature safety circles that you may place around your body or a device to reduce the radium of a blast and its impact dramatically. A variety of such blankets is also used in a large number of military vehicles, Humvees and helicopters.

Making of a Bomb Blanket

The most common material used for making a bomb blanket is Kevlar. It is a strong, heat-resistant, synthetic fiber that is used as a replacement material for steel in racing cars. It can also be spun into fabric sheets and ropes and is widely used to make racing sails, bulletproof vests. Since it is five times stronger than steel and has a high strength to weight ratio, a bomb blanket made out of it is high impact resistant properties. Kevlar proves to be a ballistic material used inside the ballistic blankets. Since multiple Kevlar layers are fused to make this blanket, when bomb materials strike its surface, it ripples and absorbs the shock.

Uses of a Bomb Blanket

Whether used in the military, police and industrial applications, bomb blankets or ballistic blankets have been known to save lives while providing a shield against bullets, metal fragments, shrapnel, etc. The core protective material used to make these blankets has the potential to protect people from metal fragments and shrapnel from an explosion during a riot or war-like situations. Military personnel and police officers often carry these blankets, and people in several industries also use them to wrap the blast blanket around appliances such as vacuum pumps, ovens, etc. that have a high probability of either exploding or to prevent damage to the appliances from the impact of explosion from other sources. Also, industries use to hang the ballistic blankets as a series of curtains to barricade the tool manufacturing area to safeguard the personnel working around from flying fragments. The ballistic blankets are also extensively used in the aerospace industry.

It is a fact that bombs and explosions are commonly used in wars and attacks. So, to be safe while working around a bombed area or in an attack situation, these blankets can provide an effective and quick shield against hand grenades, pipe bombs, metal fragments, etc. Military personnel also commonly use these blankets to keep their explosives protected and shielded. Made up of highly tensile ballistic materials, these blankets offer a wide range of benefits for industrial applications as well, such as mine clearance, welding, shielding, and others that include the use of explosives. They are also widely used as transport barriers for VIP vehicles.

These blankets can also be used as temporary barriers on vehicle windows and for shielding barricades. These blankets can be easily thrown over walls, windows or doors with high-risk conditions. Other forms of equipment, like tactical clothing, helmets, gloves, and shields, can be used with these blankets to enhance their utilization and benefits.

Advantages of Using a Bomb Blanket

Whether you are using a bomb blanket for military, police or industrial application, here are a few benefits you will get from them:

  • It will protect you against bullets, bomb blasts, shrapnel and metal fragments
  • It can protect your staff members and team members during high-risk situations
  • It provides excellent protection in situations when you are working on a bomb for detonation
  • It serves as a unique protective shield for police, military and other forces
  • It protects properties and people in a wide range of risky situations
  • It is beneficial in a wide range of industrial safety applications
  • It saves lives from police, military and industrial explosions

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