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Are you looking garage door spring repair in Chicago?

garage door spring repair chicago

Broken garage door springs are a common problem. This generally happens due to deterioration after the door has completed a certain amount of cycles. Once the garage door spring is broken, the door becomes very heavy to lift and poses a safety risk. It is not recommended to use the door manually or via remote/motor when the garage door spring is broken as this can cause the door to suddenly come crashing down. It is best to call MH Garage Door INC garage door repair Chicago specialists when you first notice a problem with the garage door not operating as usual.MH Garage Door INC has standard springs in stock and we can custom make any size springs to suit your garage door to get you up and ASAP. We always replace both springs on the door as the other spring generally needs replacing not long after the first one breaks. This way you’ll not only get a fully operational garage door again, but you’ll also have the best value for money.

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MH Garage Door INC is a Chicago based company trusted by families all over IL. With a clear focus on customer service and dependability, we offer on the spot garage door spring repair service, garage door spring repair and installation of all major brands of garage door openers and remote controls. Our technicians and highly trained, experienced, and professional tradesmen with the knowledge to tackle any type of garage door problem. At MH Garage Door INC, we can provide garage door repair Chicago and garage door service Chicago, garage door opener repair Chicago, garage opener installation Chicago, garage door spring repair in Chicago. Numerous signs indicate your garage door spring might be wrecked, including garage door opener that strains to open the door or a tilt door that pulls to one side and jams during operation. Opportunely, our experts are well trained and equipped to handle these mechanical problems and restore the functionality of your garage door.

garage door opener repair Chicago

If garage door springs break, you should stop using the door instantly, it might continue to function, opening and closing the door will significantly raise the load on the motor. Continued use may cause the motor to be exhausted, leading to much higher repair and replacement costs. Attempting to operate the door with a broken spring or tampering with the door workings is also extremely dangerous. Our garage door spring repair Chicago involves replacing the springs in sets. A broken spring transfers load and tension to the remaining spring, greatly weakening its steel coil and compromising its ability to function optimally. The surviving spring needs to be replaced or it might also break while trying to keep up with the new spring.

garage door repair Chicago

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