How Tableau and excel both are go-to-software to make an informed analysis?

Tableau and Excel both are extensively used for mining data so that business users can make informed business decisions. Excel is used by all size businesses for various reasons. The prime reason for its popularity is its ease of use and navigation.  You need not have to go through extensive training to use Tableau. 

The software is smart and has all the smart capabilities to explore data faster and at your convenience.  The same way Tableau software is quite easy to use with its self-service capabilities. Leading business trust Tableau software to make actionable insights at the drop of a hat. They do not want to miss any great opportunities. Meanwhile, excel too is go-to-analysis software for the majority of businesses for performing calculations and perform various finance tasks. However, it has certain limitations it is still been widely used. Tableau software brings the capability of analytics to the fore and helps in making decisions faster.  

Let us now share how Tableau when combined with excel makes a win-win combination of those who love excel sheets still want to invest in business analytics software. 

Combine and integrate data easily with Tableau

Is your data residing in Tableau? It is now incredibly easy to derive data that resides in your excel sheets with advanced BI software such as Tableau. Excel is most commonly used for performing various business functions. But, scouting trough details can be wearisome and time-consuming. In this scenario, you may find yourself in a confusing situation as finding information with hundreds of rows and columns could be an expensive affair.  So, it becomes a real headache tp mine data from such a huge volume of data. Tableau makes it all easy. 

It is nearly impossible to find data in minutes when you have to scout data from hundreds or thousands of files. You can’t decide in minutes which tab has that specific data that you need it right now. So, while excel is undoubtedly an awesome tool as we know it has own its pair of limitations. 

Tableau software can overcome all hurdles by pulling off the information from disparate sources. It makes thing incredibly simpler and save time by giving the right data within minutes. You can contact team of BI experts to know about Tableau pricing India.  

Have you been using Excel for calculations?

If you have been using excel to perform different calculations like Lookup or Sum, you may want to take your analysis to the next level and at a faster pace. While speeding your calculations, Tableau software has many amazing features that can discover hidden patterns and display incredible results at the moment. Further, with Tableau software, you can leave aside the worry of data getting corrupt of fear to lose any vital information. Be sure, with the advanced BI software, that you reveal amazing and do all things faster. 

Excel and Tableau are often called a match made in heaven. When combined they take your analysis to the next level. So, if you are storing your data in excel or using it for other purposes, then you can discover the new world of speed, precision, agility, transparency, security, performance and ease with Tableau. Rated by Gartner for years in a row, it is the most desirable and enterprise-ready BI software which has some unmatched capabilities from its peers.

With its drag and drop functionality, Ctrl+F search feature and so much more, you can gain answers to deeper questions in minutes. In just a few clicks, easily navigate to the information and even non-technical user can get the answers in speed with no complexity. So, if you have been using excel for performing all vital tasks, business analytics software is your go-to-software to make an informed analysis.  

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