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How to Select Bed Linen Online in Australia?

The fact that we spend one/third of our lives sleeping implies that it is common wisdom to invest in bed linen that is not only elegant but also feels comfortable and lasts for a long time. However, there are so many options out there, like design/fabric/thread count, etc. which can make one feel overwhelmed.

Following are some tips on selecting bed linen online Australia:

Thread Count
Thread count is no longer an indication of quality. Apart from the case of highly expensive fabric, the high thread count is simply a game of numbers; many companies do cheat by making use of cheaper fabric with yarns of double twist. Thus, one cannot rely on the measurement count of threads per square inch of fabric. High thread count can be a factor, but the type of fabric is more crucial.

The kind of material you select depends on your personal preference. Some kinds are made from 100% natural fibres like cotton that has super-soft finish while other models are made from synthetic fibres like polyester that is easy to care for and dries quickly. Some others combine both types, giving you the best of both worlds.


1) Cotton:
As a natural fibre, 100% cotton is a popular choice because of its breathable and super soft feel. The following are kinds of cotton:
Egyptian cotton: The most expensive and high-quality cotton is 100% Egyptian cotton. It has extra-long-staple fibres which produce sumptuous but extremely durable sheets. It has a higher thread count compared to other choices.
Brushed cotton: It is 100% cotton that has been brushed delicately, leaving a snuggly and soft feel.
Cool cotton: Made with a special finish which will keep you refreshed, even on warm nights.
Easy-care cotton: it is crafted to need minimal ironing because of its easy-care finish.
Pima or Supima cotton: A fabric made of medium to extra-long staple fibres is reputed for its sheen and softness and is a little more affordable than Egyptian cotton.

2) Easy care polycotton:
It is termed as an easy-care due to low maintenance polycotton is a mix of cotton and polyester. It dries quickly, is strong and needs minimal ironing.

3) Cotton rich:
It is a mix of synthetic fibres and natural cotton. It is called cotton rich as it comprises of 60% fabric made of cotton that is super soft.

4) Micro-fibre:
It is a durable and soft synthetic material which needs little maintenance like washing.

5) Jacquard:
This combines multiple coloured threads to weave intricate patterns using a weaving loom.

6) Embellished:
This bedding has additional features like glitter, sparkle and sequins.

7) Percale:
This finish is crisp and smooth because of tight weave construction. It is made of a popular and plain technique.

8) Pintuck:
This creates unique pleats for a sophisticated, ultimate look.

9) Waffle:
This bed linen is notably textured with a feel of luxury.

10) Fleece:
This bedding can keep you warm and snug on colder nights.


The feel of sheets depends on the way sheets are woven. Percale is tightly woven and lightweight and results in cool, crisp bedding. The dense and super-tight weave of micro-fibre makes it extra soft, water-resistant and wrinkle resistant. Some other weaves to consider are nappy texture, flannel and sateen that is lustrous and ultra-soft.

Similar to other elements in the bedroom, patterns of sheets play an important role in the over-all design. Designers recommend large scale, medium and small-scale combination of patterns in the same colour family. This is an easy way to experiment using prints.

The number of sheets required for one’s bed is totally an individual choice and based on how often one likes to make changes like shopping for bed linen online in Australia. Take note that summery sheets can work all year. All that is needed for winter is to add throws, coverlets, and blankets to keep warm.

These are some aspects of selecting the right bed linen for one’s home.

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