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Learn About Variety of Lanyards & Their Uses

Custom badge reels – Lanyards are one of the items that we don’t put much thought about but are indeed very useful in a number of ways. That’s why several companies invest in manufacturing their very own custom-made lanyards.

They are used to hold different badges or custom badge reels and more. Apart from that, they can be used for promotional purposes or increase the visibility of a brand, of course with the customization option.

Let’s learn a little more about the various kinds of lanyards that are readily manufactured and available in the market.

1. Customized Lanyards

As mentioned more than once above, these are the most popular kinds of lanyards that are available. They are high in demand by many companies.

Order for customized lanyards is always increasing as more and more brands recognize the impact it makes on others. Yes, their main purpose remains the same and that is to hold the badges or id cards.

However, by adding customization you can add your company’s logo or brand name, tagline, or anything that identifies your company or brand. Wearing customized lanyards helps in increasing brand visibility especially at business conferences or trade expo.

2. Breakaway Lanyards

Another popular type of lanyard that is ordered in huge amounts around the world. These kinds of lanyards are generally made of a plastic cable that is adjustable.

They are easily detachable from the nape of the neck when force is applied. Hence, there is a minimum chance that anyone would suffer damage if by chance the lanyard is pulled with a force.

It easily breaks away from the nape of your neck without hurting. These lanyards are perfect for use in hazardous environments such as laboratories or factories where the staff has to wear their id badge.

3. Woven Lanyards

Woven Lanyards are widely popular for their durability. There are also a variety of ranges found in the case of woven lanyards. Whether you want a flat or tubular, you can get any pattern you want.

Plus, they look good yet simple. Perfect for use in professional places. Now because they are woven and no metal is used in the making of these types of lanyards, they are perfect to be used in schools or offices where metal-free id is needed.

4. Nylon Lanyards

Nylon is another material that is popularly used in the making of lanyards. They are also commonly used in several events and premises.

Nylon lanyards are also a cheaper option to go for if you have a bulk order to place. They are really comfy and soft, hence, they do not cause any irritation over the skin.

Nylon lanyards are also perfect for including print design or pattern over it.


The above mentioned are some of the most common and popular types of lanyards that are available in the market. Lanyards really serve the purpose of a versatile list of things other than holding id cards or custom badge reels.

Make your choice and grab the perfect type of lanyard for your use now.

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