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The five best anime of 2017

2017 was a good year for the animated TV series fans. Quite a number of them were released with many of them exceptionally well. In this article, the selected ten of them, which entertained the audience much, are listed and detailed below.

Made In Abyss

This Japanese animated TV series revolves around the mysterious place the Abyss. The series took a new path against the popular mysterious anime TV series. With the realms of the story and the realistic presentation of it, the creators can tell the mystery convincingly. The series did shock the viewers and astonished them with an unexpected climax.

Though the initial phases are comparatively calm, the scenario’s progress becomes more intricate and the smell fishier. The characterization, majestic animation, and obscurity element that prevails throughout the story are the success of the anime series. It is considered as the best anime of 2017. The fans worldwide had been keenly looking forward to the made in Abyss season 2. 


This is acclaimed as the second-best animated TV series that was released in the year 2017. The only drawback of this series is that there are only even episodes, and the fans worldwide are asking for new seasons.

My hero academia season 2

The first season of this anime series that was released in 2016 made it the best in that year. The creators released the season 2 in the following year. This, too, was able to win the hearts of the audience. Every season, the anime series conquers the hearts of the fans based on many parts of the globe. Though the plot is quite common, the series stands out with a unique way of characterization, animation, and character development.

The ancient Magus Bride

This is nothing less than the animated version of the infamous classic, the beauty, and the beast. Magic revolves as the progress, and the viewers get enchanted in its fantastic world. The beautiful and mesmerizing essence of Manga is presented well by the Wit Studio. The series was able to win the hearts of people as well as the appreciation of the critics. The compelling storyline and the marvelous animation combine to amaze the audience.

The magical and romantic soundtrack blended with the sequences gracefully and added more life and beauty to the plot. This anime series was able to bag the attention of many people around the world and was highly appreciated. Thus, it is no wonder that this anime series could be one of the best anime in the year 2017.

Inuyashiki: Last Hero

The main protagonist of this animated TV series is Ichiro. He gets hit with a blinding light. From then on, his life, as well as the mood of the story, changes. This instills in him some power, which makes him a hero. He gets a lot of respect that he once never had.

The story gets interesting as the villain, a high school student named Hiro, appears in it. The anime is straight-forward and simple, and one can enjoy this without any tensions. Like most series, there is good and evil. The battle is between them, and meanwhile, the viewer enjoys it. A highlight of the series is that it brings out the offensive side of violence against many other series attempting to glorify acts of violence.

Concluding note

2017 has indeed been an incredible year for tv anime series lovers. The five best ones are detailed in the above excerpts. If you have missed any, find time to watch them.

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