Top 10 Trusted Rummy Game Development Companies 2020–21

Top 10 Trusted Rummy Game Development Companies 2020-21

Rummy is one of the top games throughout the world in terms of popularity. Thanks to the advancement in technology, Rummy players are getting more and more features. Such advancements are helping the Rummy Game developers to fulfill the revenue needs of the investors. In this manner, investors are categorizing Rummy game developers as per their preferences. Such high demands and increasing competition are forcing Rummy game development companies to do their best and stretch their limits.

With the help of this article, you will come to know about a few companies who came a long way in fulfilling the demands of investors and gamers at the same time and hence became trusted game developers in 2020-21. Also, you would come to know several other important aspects of Rummy Game Development providers.

What Investor must keep in mind while Hiring an Online Game Developer

While Hire Rummy Game Developer, you must consider the following aspects:

  • Compatibility range of the game across devices. 
  • Variations in the game for the user’s engagement for a longer period of time. 
  • Addition of new features and regular updates.
  • Marketing and Social Media coverage of developers. 

As the gaming industry is booming like never before, every Rummy Game Development Provider is doing all that possible to earn the trust of investors. So, let’s take a look at a few top-rated trusted rummy game developers in the market in 2020-21.

1. Mobzway Technologies

Mobzway Technologies is an Indian company. They are offering a wide range of rummy games. Their products are customized as per the demand of their clients with exclusive design to fulfill the branding requirements of the business. The maximum amount of budget goes for marketing and player engagement, which forces investors to choose Mobzway as a cost-beneficial developer. The high-level security and encryption enhance their reliability. They provide white label solutions, which makes it a value for money options for the investors. Over the years, Mobzway Technologies has emerged as the trusted Rummy Game Developer in the region. 

Lately, NUWEBWAVE has become a preferred Android game developer in India. By adopting innovative changes in rummy game development, NUWEBWAVE develops superior quality games. They are specialized in developing 888Poker games, online casino games, Baccarat games, Bingo Game, Blackjack, and so on.

3. Synarionit:
Synarionit IT solutions is a noted mobile game development company in India. With a wide range of compatible games, Synarionit is becoming the preferred choice for investors. They develop a number of 2D and 3D games across the platforms. Their featured rich game is aided by AR technology which keeps users engaged for a significantly longer duration. Their best in class security features and social media marketing help investors to grow the business.

4. Techno Derivation:
The company offers high-quality gaming solutions at an affordable price point. They are specialized in Rummy game development, and their live Teen Patti game is a trend-setter for the industry. The user-friendly gaming experience and appealing user-interface make them a good choice for investors. Their games also included smart bot capabilities.

INORU promises to provide a user-friendly and customizable platform for Rummy games. They provide an online lobby for developed games which helps in building a fanbase for investors. For small budget investors, they offer ready-to-use online rummy platforms. Their payment gateway is integrated for Fiat currency and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, which makes the game popular among a wide range of public.

6. Hornet Dynamics:
Over the years, this company has grown from a group of 4 people to more than 50 developers. They provide reliable sports betting services such as online rummy. Their technologically advanced platform provides almost real-life features in virtual games. Their commitment to long term partnerships helped them to become a reliable choice of investors.

7. Creatiosoft:
This company is focussed on more than just game development, which is innovation. There are few unique features they offer like, Personalized 24X7 Player chat, Private invitation options, 3D like graphics in 2D games, Live Demo, and proper marketing on social media. 

The habit of accepting feedback with humility made Creatiosoft become a trusted game developer.

8. InfocomStudios:
The company is gradually gaining trust in the market because of its rich features, such as Simple API that allows quick integration, high response mobile-friendly webpage, customizable games, real-time data exchange, and the long list will go on.

Apart from these features, highly influential marketing has also helped them to earn the trust of investors.

9. Digient
The Digient creates an exclusive personalized gaming portal. They are a small firm, so they can offer you a personalized solution for each of their clients. Besides, they also offer zero-setup and faster rollouts. Their support services are available across the time zones, which is a definite plus for many users.

10. Appinop:
This company lives up to its promises to translate ingenious rummy and poker ideas of investors into virtual reality. They are one of the leading game development companies in the region. They deliver the finest game developed with high-quality UX property which improves your digital gaming experience. 

Wrapping it off

The companies which we discussed so far have been trusted by investors so far and are leading names in the industry in 2020-21. The application of the latest technologies, compatibility with the wide range of devices, better User Interface (UI), and supportive marketing strategies, make them reliable choices for the investors.

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