When Do You Need 4E Wide Work Boots?

The title of this article is not a trick question. You might be thinking to yourself that you never need 4E Wide Work Boots because you wear a size 9. If that is the case, then you are correct. You never need to wear 4E wide work boots. But have you forgotten that there are other people in the world that have feet that are not the same size as yours?

If you have forgotten that fact, don’t be ashamed. You may have forgotten as well that there are people with different sized waists as well. It’s just not something you spend a lot of waking time deliberating or intentionally calling back to mind.

Nonetheless, there are situations in which you might find you need to wear 4E wide work boots. Actually, there’s one condition in which you need to wear them, but if that condition is met, then there is no situation in which you can get away without wearing 4E wide work boots.

Here’s the lowdown: if your shoe size is a 4E wide, and you need to wear work boots for some reason or other, then there you have it. If you satisfy those conditions then there are actually no conditions in which you can get away without wearing them.

So, to recapitulate that statement: if you wear a 4E wide and are going to wear work boots, that’s the end of the story. Now, with that said, here are some situations in which you might need to wear work boots.

If you’re going to be doing yard work and working with power tools or otherwise with edged tools like shovels, axes, adzes or mattocks, you should probably wear work boots.

If you are going to be working in a garage or a warehouse or anywhere else that you will be facing occupational hazards like drops or crushing hazards, you should wear work boots.

If you are going to otherwise be outside, either for work or recreational purposes and you will be facing any of these aforementioned hazards, as well as others, you need work boots. If it’s cold out or you will be facing hazards like oil or chemicals or electricity, then you also need work boots.

To reiterate a previous point, in each of these situations it behooves you to wear a comfortable and protective pair of work boots along with other clothing and protective gear. Now, if you otherwise wear a 4E wide shoe, then your work boots need to be 4E wide as well. If not, they will become a prison for your feet and instead of protecting you will be more likely to add to your risk of injury.

All that is much more easily said than done, but if you have 4E wide feet we’re going to assume that you didn’t just wake up with them today. You must be no stranger to the historically significant task of shopping for shoes in extra large sizes.

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