Check out some of the Turbotax Alternatives You Might Try!

Tax software abounds in the present world we are living in. With the easy accessibility of data, it is becoming all the easier for the customers to get a wide range of information and diversified options to choose from. Similar in the case of particular software like tax software, they can decide on which software to go with! However, with a great much software surrounding us, most of us are sometimes in a fix regarding which software to try. This not only happens with the amateurs but often gets quite tough for even the professionals.

Turbotax is one of the oldest and most reliable software that we have out there in the market. Started back in the 1980s, Turbotax has been among the first kinds of tax software. This software has been standing strong since the 1980s but often we find that people dislike this software. Also, in some cases, we can find that people deem Turbotax as software for one-time use only. Even the reviews of the software hint towards the negative. But it is often discovered that switching to some other software is another hassle. However, with proper Turbotax alternatives, we can easily get around our difficulties and ease our work.

Here’s a look into Turbotax Alternatives

As tax software has been for many years numerous companies developed tax software that can easily match and even outperform Turbotax. We have gone through a collection of the latest tax software that has garnered popularity in the least time possible. Software like H & R Block, TaxSlayer, TaxAct is really proving to be effective and are also easily available.

Comparing Turbotax with H & R Block

Though at the first instance, Turbotax and H & R Block seem quite the same, the free version offered by the latter is rated far more superior when compared with that of Turbotax. Many other features like the audit support guidance, live tax support from trained tax professionals are some of the features that you would get regardless of what you opt for. Similarly, you would also get their respective free versions, obviously with a limited set of features and facilities when compared to the premium packages.

Here’s taking a look at the different versions of the H & R Block:

  • It has a decent free basic version
  • Then comes the $29.99 deluxe version
  • Next comes the $49.99 premier version, and
  • Lastly, the $79.99 self-employed version

The Self-Employed version is superior, even when we look at the price. This premium version is hugely beneficial to ease tax-related stress that most of the customers take while filing their taxes, especially when it comes to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Both of them offer online support for their customers but H & R Block also has provisions for physical offices for people, which is what differentiates it from Turbotax.

Comparing Turbotax with TaxAct

TaxAct is another one of the most promising tax software you will find in the market of the present. Besides, it is important to know that TaxAct is far less expensive than TurboTax. TaxAct is also known for its exclusive one-on-one customer support but it does not wow its customers with huge hand-holding. Its exclusive free tier is one of the most exclusive options among all the free file tax software that you can avail.

Comparing Turbotax with TaxSlayer

TaxSlayer is one of the most viable software available in the market and is a rival of Turbotax. With a decent set of features and facilities, TaxSlayer is among the most popular tax software of the age. Among the first inclusions, it is important to note that TaxSlayer is a lot less costly than TurboTax. Besides, it also offers its customers with a wide range of tiers of software. This is done by keeping an eye on the customers with different tax situations.

In the end

TurboTax is one of the primitive tax software you can find in the market and there are a lot of Turbotax alternatives. So, choose your software wisely!

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