Early Signs Of Kidney Stones You Must Know

Kidney stones are formed by the accumulation of salts and minerals that do not get out of the body through urine. These minerals are mostly calcium or uric acid. They are found inside the kidney, but these stones can also move to the urinary tract. 

The stones are of different and sizes. Some are very small and can pass on their own with urine. But some stones are larger and can create serious problems if not treated. Stones can grow in sizes inside the kidney and can form into larger ones that entirely fill the kidney.

Early Signs Of Kidney Stones

While the smaller stones will not show any clear symptoms, larger stones will have noticeable symptoms. It is imperative to understand the symptoms to initiate kidney stones treatment. The early signs that one should be aware of are as follows:

Pain (belly, lower abdomen or side)

One of the common signs that are seen in patients with kidney stones is a pain in the back, belly or side. Some may also experience pain in the lower abdomen region. They may be moderate to intense enough to bear. The pain starts as the stones start to move from the kidney to the ureter and create a blockage. As the pain starts to increase, one must consult with a doctor for kidney stone treatment. 

Burning Sensation While Urinating

Many feel burning pain while they urinate. This happens when the stone reaches the area between the bladder and ureter. The pain becomes severe when the person tries to urinate. The pain is mostly like a burning sensation and may also be mistaken for urinary tract infection. So without delay, one must seek a urologist’s advice at the earliest. You may have stone and infestation both at the same time. 

Blood In The Urine

If you see blood in the urine, it could be the sign of kidney stones. But blood in the urine does not necessarily mean it is kidney stone. This symptom is known as hematuria and one must seek a doctor’s advice immediately.

Unclear & Smelly Urine

Your urine has to be clear and without a strong odor. In case you see that your urine looks unclear and has a strong smell, you should not ignore that. This could be the sign of kidney stones or other urinary tract issues.

Restricted Flow of Urine

If you are unable to pass urine clearly and in the right amount, it means you have a blockage. This could be because there is a stone that is obstructing the flow of the urine. With kidney stones, people urinate little at a time and sometimes urine may also stop. 

Fever With Chills

One of the major symptoms of kidney stones is fever and chills. This happens when the stone has reached a critical level and needs immediate treatment. 

You must see a doctor’s help as soon as you see any changes in the urine color or smell. Also, if you feel pain and unexplained fever, it is time you must get medical help.

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