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Few Tips for Having a Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing

Saddle stitching has become one of the prior choices of people who want the booklets to get printed and binding. This has become one of the most popular methods. The saddle stitch booklet printing practiced for many of the varieties including catalogs, manual booklets, programs, newsletters, multi-page brochures, and few periodicals along with the wall calendars and mailers. Saddle stitch booklet printing and binding is a very simple method where folded pages along with the cover are joined by a staple with a wire, which passes through the crease of the booklet. Now let us discuss some benefits as to why saddle stitch binding is the most popular and first choice of the people:

  • This method of a staple with wire is the least expensive and makes it convenient for everyone to choose it.
  • This method also gives convenience to turn the pages fast as when you use a booklet, this thing should be kept in mind for the safety of pages that should not lead to tearing.
  • This method has one more reason to be most popular as if you have a short order of binding like just 200 booklets, then this method is very easy and prior as can be done conveniently.
  • The method of saddle binding also allows you to put heavy covers for the booklet and you can also put the weight of the cover same as the pages. This method allows both aspects as after binding the booklet can be easily used.
  • This method also allows A wide range of all sizes of books as a small pocket booklet can also be bound by this method and if it is a roadside map booklet then also this method of binding is most appropriate and convenient.
  • This method of saddle binding allows the pages to be printed in any color R even the black and white combination is allowed. A mix of colors is also the option available in saddle printing.
  • The method of saddle binding and printing allows us to give a beautiful design on both sides of the page and also the cover. The artwork of images can also be printed on both sides of the cover making it attractive.

The conclusion which comes out is that saddle printing has become the first choice of people with us and we format printing solutions provide the best quality to serve the customer best. We are ready to serve you at any time and feel free to reach us with your demand.

We focus on delivering the printing and binding of booklets as per the choice of the customer and at the best price. If you have any further questions please reach us on our site and let us serve you.

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