Learn How to Play Baccarat

Are you fairly new to casino games? Want to learn how to play the classic casino game baccarat? During this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about baccarat, including the layout of the game.

Whether you want to play the baccarat game at a Leo Vegas casino or try your hand at some online baccarat gambling, you’re in luck! Baccarat is the name of the game. The game is super simple, and you can pretend that you’re James Bond gambling in one of his classic films.

Even though this game has a super classy reputation, you certainly don’t have to be rolling deep to play baccarat, and you don’t need to dress up in a fancy dress or tuxedo to play the game right. You can play for fairly reasonable sums of money in an online casino or go to a physical casino where you can typically find a few mini-baccarat tables.

Before we get into how to play the game, let’s learn how to pronounce the name of the game correctly. It is pronounced “bah-cah-rah,” not “back-a-rat.” Now let’s get into the basics.

The layout of the game baccarat

There are three potential outcomes of the game, including a player win, a banker win and a tie. And if you are new to gambling, this is one of the most accessible sports out there to try your hand at, because the dealer will do most of the work for you.

Players can bet on the player’s side, on the banker or dealer’s hand or for a tie. It also helps to know that baccarat uses six to eight 52-card decks of cards. Cards two through nine are worth face value, while an ace is worth one point and the 10, Jack, Queen and King cards have a number of zero points.

How to play the game

The dealer deals out two cards each face up to the player and the banker. Whichever hand has a value closest to nine points wins. If you bet on the player hand, or in other words your hand, and your hand has a value closest to nine points, then you win double your bet.

If you bet on the banker’s hand and it wins, you will earn 95 per cent of your wager. When the value of a hand is more significant than nine points, you must add the two cards together and drop the first digit to get the benefit. For example, say a hand includes a nine and a four. These two cards add up to 13, but you would drop the first digit to get a value of three points in the game.

Other rules to help you play the game

Here are a few other rules to know to help you play the perfect baccarat game:

If the player or banker receives a hand with a value of eight or nine, both the player and banker will stand.

If a player’s hand total equals five points or less, then the player will receive an additional card. If the player’s hand total equals six points or higher, the player will stand.

If a player does stand, then the banker will keep their hand as is if their side has a total of six or seven and draw an additional card with a hand worth five points or less.

If you choose to bet on a tie between your hand and the banker’s hand and you win, the payout is 8 to 1. Whatever you bet, you will win eight times that amount of money. There are typically sheets available at the baccarat table for you to keep track of your score. An online game of baccarat will usually automatically keep track of your score for you.

Other tips to help you win the game

Want more tips to help you play the best baccarat game?

Always bet on the banker. It is typically the best bet in the game because the house has less of an edge. The house edge when betting on the banker’s hand is 1.06 per cent, while the house edge when betting on the player’s hand is 1.24 per cent. When you bet on the banker’s hand, you only lose 1.06 units for every 100 units you wager. Those are pretty good odds!

Never make the tie bet. It’s challenging to win a tie bet, so don’t bet on this unless you want to risk your money. The house edge is about 14.4 per cent, meaning that you lose 14.4 units for every 100 units you wager.

Keep betting on the banker until a loss. You should continue betting on the banker’s hand until you lose a bet. But don’t be too aggressive with the amount you bet. Keep in mind that the house still has an edge on every bet you make. Once you lose a banket bet, wait for one round for the next decision without betting. Then bet whichever hand wins the next round.

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