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Most of us want smooth, soft skin devoid of all that unwanted body hair. The best way to attain this is by waxing- a process where wax is used to pull the body hair from its roots. However, most of us are afraid of waxing our bodies due to concerns about it being extremely painful or unsafe. Well, wax warmers can solve all these problems! Wax warmers are special machines designed with the very goal of making waxing easy for all kinds of people. One session of waxing ensures that no hair grows for at least a few weeks and is ideal for removing large amounts of hair.

Wax warmers are tools used to wax off bodily hair and are used for professional and home use alike. Generally considered an investment, it becomes crucial to maintain and clean the device thoroughly to ensure its safety, longevity, and effectiveness. 

Let’s learn more about the best way to clean wax warmers:

The first thing to do when cleaning a wax warmer is to clean the remnant wax, which is best done when hot. To ensure you don’t burn yourself, turn on the wax heater until it is in liquid form before turning off the device and proceeding with the next steps. 

  • Storing a large amount of wax:

In case there’s a lot of wax left over, save it for further use by pouring the hot liquid into a new container. 

  • Clean the warmer using wax strips: 

Once a major chunk of the wax is removed, you can clean or remove the remains on the device’s walls using paper or cloth strips or even couch rolls. You can use wax remover oils for smooth cleaning. Refrain from using cotton pads because they break and stick to the wax, making the cleaning process more difficult. 

  • Waxing pot must be sterilized: 

Ensure all your appliances are sanitized so that you increase your safety and eradicate bacteria or other contaminants. Non-disposable equipment like tweezers, metallic spatula, pots for pouring wax into the heater must be sterilized using towel warmers, sterilizing sprays, or boiling water depending on the scale of usage. This is a vital step to protect your health. 

  • Oil the warmers 

You can remove stains and drips on the outer body of the warmer using mineral oils. Apply oil to the warmers using a cloth and wipe or scrub. Be careful not to use solvents or acidic cleaners as these damage the plastic material and destroy the warmer. 

  • Adding paper collars around the warmer

Once cleaning is done, you can prevent excessive damage in successive treatments by putting paper strips or collars around the container to catch falling wax.

Some things to remember during the cleaning task are never to turn on the heater without wax in it or for long periods or into the night as it causes the electric sensors to fail. Never soak the warmer in water as it will lead to deterioration- wiping with a wet cloth is sufficient. Check whether the power is switched off before cleaning to avoid shocks.

Follow the above steps to ensure your wax warmer works like new every time! 

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