7 Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Mistaken As Healthy Foods

With the passage of time, there is an increase in the consumption of unhealthy food. And in return, the number of cases related to chronic diseases are also going up. The primary reason why Hospitals in Islamabad are full of chronic disease patients is the consumption of unhealthy food.

We are living in a well-educated era. Where everyone has plenty of information. But still many people mistakenly considered unhealthy or junk food as healthy food. Therefore, this blog post is specially for those people. Let’s read about those 7 junk foods that are actually mistaken as healthy food below.

Fruit Juices:

The number one food on our list is Fruit juices which are highly consumed by many children. Such juices are also used for serving purposes. Anything which is not organic is highly risky for your health just like such fruit juices. Because they contain artificial flavor and a high quantity of sugar. Next time, while buying or drinking such fruit juices remind yourself that you are not actually drinking pure organic fruit juice but flavored chemicals. Because it does not even have the fibers that are very important for your body.  

Sports Drinks:

The second thing that is also mistaken as healthy stuff is also the beverage i.e. sports drinks. Sports drinks have nothing beneficial for your body and it is also the misconception that it boosts your energy and is best for athletes. Because it has a high quantity of sugar which will give you a little bit of energy but also obesity. Therefore, if you need energy after the work out drink normal water, milk, or protein shake.

Gluten-free & Low-carb junk food:

Many brands are providing gluten free foods that are considered healthy but they are not. Because they contained refined starches that can affect your blood sugar. Likewise, many low carb foods are also in the market that are not actually healthy. Such low carb junk food does not contain organic food but artificial flavors therefore they did not even provide energy to your body.

Processed organic foods:

Everything that is processed is not healthy. Because during processing important ingredients of the food are removed. When the food is processed it is no longer organic. Therefore whenever you buy something processed always check the ingredients before buying. For instance, some people use organic raw cane sugar which is not actually organic and is a mixture of glucose and fructose.  

Vegetable Oils:

Processed vegetable oils are not good for health. Although organic vegetable oils are good for controlling your cholesterol level but only in the short term. So limit the use of processed oil and start using healthy oils like olive and coconut oil.

Breakfast Cereals:

Breakfast cereals are good for saving your time but they are not actually the proper breakfast meal. Moreover, it also contains the artificial flavor and high quantity of sugar that is not beneficial for your body. Therefore, it’s better to wake up early and to prepare your own proper breakfast which include high protein food like egg and milk.

Salad Dressings:

Salad dressings are good and rich in ingredients because vegetables are good for the body. But there are also some commercial salad dressings which are not actually organic and contain sugar and artificial chemicals. As always before using or buying any eatable thing read the label to understand what are you buying.

These are the 7 unhealthy foods that are often mistaken as healthy food. If you are consuming any one of these start minimizing its consumption or remove it completely from your meal list. And remember to read the label before using any processed food.

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