All About The Men’s Toupees: How To Find The Right Size And Shape

Having fantastic hair is something that all of us dream of. Good hair is a sign of youth and vitality. However, not all of us are blessed with lustrous locks and may need to seek other avenues or treatments to have a good hair day, toupees being one of them. A toupee is a kind of synthetic hairpiece or partial wig used to cover bald spots or hair loss, mostly by men.  

 A toupee for men is customised for each individual so that one can easily cover up thinning portions without it being obvious. Here are the widths you need to take to find a toupee of right size and shape: 

1. Circumference: 

The largest part of your head is referred to as the circumference. Take a measuring tape and run it from the band of the hairline till the middle of the forehead. After this, measure the distance between the nape of the neck and the ears. 

2. Front to back: 

Run the measuring tape from the middle of the forehead to the hairline near the nape of the neck. Be sure to move it along the centre of the whole head while doing so. In case there’s little to no hair in the head, keep your index, third and ring finger on the forehead near the brow bone to consider as the straight point. 

3. Ear to ear over forehead: 

Run the tape from the edge of the right ear to the middle of the forehead and then reach out to the left ear and measure the distance from the right ear to the left ear. 

4. Temple to temple: 

Start at one temple and use a measuring tape to measure around the back of the head till you reach the other temple. This is nothing but sideburn to sideburn measurement. 

4. Nape width: 

This is the width of the hairline across the nape of the neck, which can be measured using a ruler or tape. 

Tips for accurate measurements: 

● Take toupee measurements with a cloth measuring tape as it provides more flexibility and easier handling. 

● Don’t hold the tape too tightly while taking measurements; a little space or slack can be allowed. 

● The tape must lie flat on your head without any twisting for proper measurements. 

● Measure at least twice or thrice and ensure you get the same values each time for precision. 

Measuring toupee size: 

The two aspects to consider while buying a toupee for men is length and width. Measuring toupee size accurately ensures that you have more realistic and natural-looking hairpieces: 

● Calculate the width of the toupee hair wig by taking the side to side measurements of the balding area. This is done by placing the tape at the starting point of baldness and measuring till the opposite edge. 

● Measure the length of the base size of the toupee by keeping a measuring tape at the front of the hairline till the middle of the base at the place the balding stops and note down values. 

Toupees have been popular for several decades because of the natural look they create. They are also less dangerous than most hair treatments as they can be made with human hair itself. However, toupees don’t follow one size fits all rule, so follow the above tips for the best fit! 

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