Five tips for writing great quiz questions

You cannot make a great food item without having all the ingredients. The proper ingredients combined in the right proportion will make the food turn out to be mouth licking. The absence of any one ingredient will make an impact on its taste. Likewise, when you frame trivia questions, you must keep in mind all the factors before creating one. Coming up with quiz questions is not a difficult task but to make an interesting quiz you need practice and skills so that the audience is engaged. We list below five tips that you can follow to create a trivia questionnaire that will take your audience by surprise and keep them captivated.

Number of trivia questions- an important point to consider while creating questions for the trivia pack is the number of questions. No one would like to spend a lot of time answering too many questions. It also becomes boring if the questions are never ending. On the other hand, very few questions also makes no fun. There should be enough questions to at least allow results based on ranking or allot scores to the teams. Ideally, one round should not have more than 20 and less than 10 questions.

Question content- the questions that you choose for the trivia must be related to the topic. People participate in a trivia quiz just by reading the title. Asking people questions about their favorite food item when the topic is about holiday movie is not only incorrect but also deceives the participants. Keep your questions simple yet witty and humorous. Remember, a trivia night or pub quiz is organized mainly to have some fun and frolic. Humor keeps the ambience lighthearted in spite of everyone possessing a competitive spirit.

Question length- remember to keep the question and answers short and precise. The answers could be only one word. Long elaborate questions eats up a lot of time of the participant and confuses them instead of thinking for the answer. They will finish the quiz quickly instead of pending a lot of time over it.

Type of language- the type of language you choose for quiz packages primarily depends on who your target audience is and their preferred choice of language. Whatever, the language may be, remember to use words sparingly and not to use complicated terms. Keep the vocabulary simple and of daily use so that it becomes easy for all to understand.

Text questions and image answers- human mind picks up image learning faster than textual learning. Insert images as your answers. Image answers opens up innumerable possibilities for the trivia quiz. You can always insert a funny pic as your answer to add an element of humor to the questions.

If you follow the above tips, you are sure going to have a great trivia packages ready. When all elements are perfectly blended, it makes a great trivia night. The participants are sure to go home happy and eagerly waiting for the next trivia night to happen.

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