Free Vs Paid Movies Streaming Services: Which One you should Go For?

When streaming movies and TV shows online, the biggest decision that you have to make is to choose between a free or paid streaming service. 

Generally, most people would want to go for a paid service because it seems a safe and secure option. 

But you can find many free streaming websites as well that are equally safe and secure and offer HD quality movies and TV shows. 

So, if it is not about privacy security, and it is not about the streaming quality, then how do you know which kind of streaming service you should go for?

Following is a brief overview of both free and paid streaming services that are out there. 

This review would help you make an informed decision about the kind of streaming service that you should go for.

So, let’s get started and see what Free and Paid Movies and TV shows streaming services are all about     

About Free Streaming Service:

You can quite literally get access to dozens of free movies and TV shows streaming services by doing a simple Google search. 

You can simply just search for the trending free movies websites and you should be good to go. That’s all there is to it. The thing that sets free services apart from the paid ones is, there is no hassle for account registration or setting up a payment method. The streaming process is as simple as going on to a website and choosing a show to watch. 

One downside of these services is the number of ads and redirects that you would have to face. 

There are also ads interruptions on the website as well as some might be in the middle of your streaming. Which gets quite annoying sometimes. 

But still, ads seem alright because they also have to make money, right? And since all the movies and TV shows here are totally free, the ads don’t seem so bad.

There are platforms like Project Free TV that offer HD quality content for free. These websites intuitive UI design which makes things a whole lot easier for you.

Plus, some websites even allow you to download the content on your PC that you can watch later.   

Example Websites:

Some most popular websites for movies and TV shows include

  • FMovies 
  • Popcorn Flix
  • 5Movies 
  • Flixter 
  • Putlockers 


  • These websites are free to use 
  • No signup Needed 
  • No Need for Setting up payment methods 
  • UI is quite simple to navigate
  • Huge variety of shows to Watch 
  • Content is HD quality 
  • Some websites offer content download features   


  • Lots of ads and redirects 
  • Ads can be irreverent sometimes 
  • Streaming Experience can get interrupted  

About Paid Streaming Services:

Paid streaming services are a preferred choice for most people all over the world. That is because these websites seem like a safe solution for streaming movies and TV shows. And that is true. These websites offer you High Definition content, as soon as it gets released. So, if you want quick access to the shows of your choice, paid services are the way to go.

Setting up a payment method is quite simple. You can select any internationally accepted payment service to pay for the fees for subscription. 

The only downside here is you have to manage payments on a monthly basis if you want to keep on using the services of a particular website, otherwise you would be forced out of the streaming service. 

At Concept BB, you can find more details about the trending paid streaming websites that you can find online. 

The best part is, you won’t have to worry about ads and redirects when using a paid movies and TV shows streaming service. You can have a smooth and rich streaming experience, without any kind of annoying ads. 

Paid services offer you a massive library of movies and TV shows that you can watch whenever you want to. 

Most of these services have mobile apps as well which makes things even easier for you.           

Example Websites:

Some most popular paid streaming services include: 

  • Netflix 
  • Hulu 
  • Amazon Prime 
  • HBO Now 
  • Starz


  • No ads and Redirects
  • Excellent Website Design
  • High Definition Streaming Experience 
  • Quick Access to Latest Updates for Movies and TV shows 
  • Massive Library of Shows 
  • Availability of Mobile Apps   


  • Monthly subscriptions Need to be Managed  

Final Words:

That’s all there is to it. You probably know by now that both the free and paid streaming services have their own Good and Bad about them. 

That’s how things are but still, the kind of services that you use to stream your favorite shows would ultimately depend on your personal preference. 

Make sure to go through this review to know everything there is to know about both these streaming services, before making a final decision.     

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