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Home Staging Is The New Trend To Showcase Your Property

The need for home staging is completely into action these days. Staging is simply the repair, maintenance, remodeling, and furnishing of home to attract and convince potential buyers.

In order to discuss the modern concepts in home staging, the real estate experts from Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders were asked a few questions. Their recommendations were valuable. This article shares tips for better home staging for a better price of a house for sale. 

Know The Staging Requirements 

As per Ali Saqlain Estate’s property experts, home staging is mainly required for selling used houses, but the same concept applies to the newly constructed houses. It requires a comprehensive inspection of the house for making a list of staging requirements.

Staging requirements may fall under two major categories depending upon the year of construction.

  1. Comprehensive home staging 
  2. Partial home staging 

It is better to make separate lists to answer the following questions.

  • What does need to be repaired?
  • What does need to be replaced?
  • What does need to be improved?

Estimate The Cost of Home Staging  

Now you are in a position to better estimate the budget allocations for home staging. The cost of staging is usually included in the sale price, but it does not mean that you spend money without planning. Remember the following points while estimating the budget for staging. 

  • Keep the budget as realistic as possible 
  • Ask for quotations from experts
  • Take great care while making purchases
  • Never lay off your maintenance contractor  

Start With Repairing The Exteriors 

The experts at Ali Saqlain Estate disclosed that a 2 percent cost allocated for the home staging increases the sale price of the house by 5 percent. This is therefore crucial to extend as much attention to details as possible in the short-run. 

Look for the following on the exterior of your house.

  • Check to plaster of the exterior walls and fix the necessary repairs 
  • See the condition and choice of paint and prefer repainting for protection from weather 
  • Inspect the outdoor niches and front elevation for required maintenance 
  • The condition of the main gate must be like installed yesterday 
  • Remember that the terraces are an important part of your home; two lightweight chairs and a delicate table can change the entire scene 

Go For Contemporary Interiors 

The interiors of a home attract more attention of the potential buyers. Consider bedrooms, kitchens, sitting area, stairs, lounges, and bathrooms in the presence of an expert who is supposed to serve you the quotation for staging your home. 

  • Choose the right paints that are capable of paying you off
  • Check interior plastering and repair the rundown areas 
  • Try to specialize the areas for hanging curtains 
  • Hire a color consultant for the entire color scheme of the interior 
  • Give different look to every room and sitting area 
  • Prefer a little remodeling of false ceiling 
  • Inspect the kitchen cabinetry and accessories if they need some repair 
  • Do the needful in the drawing room 
  • See if the bathroom accessories need to be replaced 
  • Ensure that no leakage of water sprouts 
  • Display sceneries and portraits to hide main electricity hubs 
  • It is mandatory to revise electricity wiring 
  • Abundant light in the interior is the lifeblood of a house for sale 
  • Remove the rust if found somewhere throughout the home 
  • Better to place some indoor decorative plants 

Never Forget Lawn Management 

Most homeowners ignore the condition of lawn and green areas before letting the agents arrange a visit on the part of some buyers. A managed lawn shows the level of enthusiasm the dwellers of a house have. Ali Saqlain’s experts, when asked, explained the following for better lawn management.

  • Draft and deploy aesthetic landscaping 
  • Install some ornamental plants in the lawn
  • Keep the mower and gardening tools updated
  • Go for the seating plan in the lawn, if possible 

Depersonalize The Whole Property 

Intimacy is the feature that boosts the mood of the buyer. If you have not depersonalized your home before letting others visit your home, the buyer may feel strange and that can influence the buyer negatively. 

Here are a few tips to depersonalize your home before listing it for sale. 

  • Remove all the personal photographs from the walls to make the buyer feel belonged to the home
  • Store your personal belongings away from the eyes of visitors 
  • Neutralize your home by removing your preferred showpieces and statues 
  • Make sure that there is no artwork on the kitchen cabinets done by your kids 

I advise you to contact specialists from Ali Saqlain Estate, especially if you are going to sell your home in Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi. They will guide you for better home staging to get you the best offer. 

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