HP Pen Drive Detected But Not Accessible

HP Pen Drive Detected But Not Accessible – Simple Solutions to Fix the Issue

Summary:- Have you tired HP pen drive detected but not accessible issues. Now you feel relaxed. Here you know the few simple solution to fix the issues very easily. Just try one by one and fix the issues until issues are solved.

“I have used last one year HP pen drive. It was working good. But yesterday night I don’t know what happened with it. When I plugged it on my laptop pen drive detected but not accessible. Now I don’t understand what I do how to get rid from this issues. Please help me and suggest me better solution for this.”

HP Pen Drive Detected But Not Accessible Step by Step Solution

Have you ever faced this problem that mentioned on above? If yes then no need to worry about that here you know the solution step by step to fix this issues.

Users Can Check the USB Port

Whenever users faces HP pen drive detected but not accessible in my computer. First they should check the USB port in their laptop. Try to connect your pen drive another laptop. If it works another port then it means your first USB port might be dead.

Does Users Pen Drive Display in My Computer

When users said HP pen drive detected but not accessible. It means HP pen drive detected but not showing data or the HP pen drive detected but not showing data in my computer.

If HP Pen Drive Detected but You are Not Able to Access it

If it is the case that users pen drive is recognized by computer, but users are unable to access data stored within it, then it is advisable that you must use pen Drive Data Recovery software. This is able enough to recover damaged data from pen drive, SD card, or memory cards that becomes detected but not accessible.

If HP Pen Drive Detected But Not Showing in My Computer

It is what Users should do, if users HP pen drive is detected but not showing in My Computer. Check if it displays in Disk Management.

If you have not any idea how to do it. Check below steps:

  1. To open Disk Management, hit Start and write diskmgmt.msc in the search bar and click enter.
  2. Then, Disk Management will get open, here users can check whether HP pen drive is showing or not.

Does Users Pen drive Display in Disk Management?

If the Pen Drive Display in Disk Management:

It suggests that there are errors or corruptions on the disk. Then also try the USB Drive data recovery software to recover data from pen drive and format the device to recover it.

If the Pen Drive Doesn’t Appear in Disk Management:

Go to Device Manager to check if it is listed there. If yes, try to update the USB flash drive driver to check if it assist. All steps given below:

  • Open “Computer” > choose “System Properties“.
  • Hit “device manager” on the left task bar >  Next to “USB controller“, hit “+” (plus).Then you’ll see a yellow exclamation mark.
  • Right-hit and select “update driver software” > click “automatically search for driver software online”

Wait patiently and let the driver to be installed, then reboot your computer. After that reconnect pen drive to the laptop and check whether the pen drive can be accessed.

Summing UP

Now, I hope you were able to fix this issues HP pen drive is detected but not accessible. And users have also known that users can try pen drive data recovery software if in case users want to recover their important data from inaccessible pen drive.

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