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Novel ways of using the desiccators boxes in modern laboratories

In the event that you are thinking of upgrading your lab or if you want o set up a new lab completely, then it would be vital that you should purchase modern lab equipment. Today, lab equipment has developed considerably and can be repurposed for several usages. As a result of this, one needs to be aware of different purposes in which specific lab equipment may be used. One of the most useful results of this is that today, lab equipment can be sorted and bought for increasing the overall functionality of a lab. More experiments of varied types can be conducted in these labs. This small article will help you to understand how you can use desiccators for different purposes in your lab.

Understanding desiccators and their utility

Primarily, the desiccators boxes are used for storing different types of desiccants inside them. However, these boxes may also be used for various other practical purposes. The desiccants are mostly tiny bags of silica gel. These are kept in new bags, luggage, and electronic devices for absorbing moisture. But they can also be used for other purposes. Good desiccants can absorb about fifty percent of their own weight in moisture. As a result of this, they can protect leather bags from things like mildew and can prevent your silverware from getting tarnished. However, although desiccants are quite effective they are not clear enough for protecting our sensitive devices from getting contaminated by moisture. As a result of this, you will need to store them inside specialized desiccators boxes. There are several uses of these desiccators boxes which are quite effective and efficient.

  1. On Semiconductors

At present, the semiconductor industry has got the potential to generate hundreds of billions of dollars through sales across the entire world. Semiconductors are precious microelectronic particles that are used in smartphones. The automobile industry has also huge demands for these tiny electronic chips. However, they need to be stored in specialized facilities that can ensure complete dry storage. If there are any airborne contaminants or moisture around the semiconductor, then it can threaten the microchip and all its inner circuits. As a result of this, it will be crucial for you to store them inside specialized nitrogen desiccators boxes. The desiccators or dry boxes will have low humidity levels. This will lower any form of electrostatic discharge or voltage fluctuations. Thus, these cabinets are crucial for storing your semiconductors in order to ensure safety.

  • Various types of carbon dating samples

Expensive specimens of geological studies, artifacts like soils and rocks from different environments belonging to various regions of the world are crucial for studies that investigate matters like climate change. Ecological and environmental studies involving global warming or other natural calamity researches require such specimen. However high humidity levels can destroy or degrade such organic material, and radioactive materials from soil specimen can get contaminated. Hence, it is vital that such samples are stored in humidity-proof desiccators boxes where the relative humidity may be controlled properly and even sustained. In this manner, the radiocarbon levels of the samples are preserved properly until it is time for them to be used in the process of reduction. It can be used them for extracting pure carbon in a powdered form and then put into further scientific analysis.

  • Sensitive Biological Samples

In a lot of forensic studies and criminal investigations, the primary reliance is on the types of forensic evidence including DNA samples. Such samples will need you to exercise a lot of caution. You will need to store these samples with care so that these are protected. The desiccators boxes would be crucial for maintaining a controlled and dry environment at a highly inexpensive price and at quite a low temperature. Thus these cabinets can be quite useful for storing such types of samples.

  • Working with Solar Panels

The desiccator’s cabinets will be crucial for protecting the solar cells. These cells are of immense importance for manufacturing solar panels. These solar panels can be protected from environmental disaster by the desiccators cabinets. The desiccators can be more effective when they have plenums with perforated racks that allow unhindered flow of nitrogen. Such a unique design of the cabinets allow specialized sizes, shapes of the solar cell shelves and let the robotic systems work efficiently for assembling the solar cells.

IF you want to learn more about desiccators & dry boxes , then you will need to go to various forums on the internet and learn about this lab equipment. You can get these cabinets from both online and offline stores.


Desiccators cabinets can be useful for several crucial purposes in different types of industries. These boxes can be quite effective in increasing the functionality of your lab. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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